Monday, December 21, 2009

Obama Revealed

Among the things today's 60-40 voted to fuck people reform insurance fuck people reveals is the TRUE identity of Obama's base:

Insurance Companies and Pharmaceutical Companies.

Follow the money; their stocks are at all time highs.

If I hear that bullshit about not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good, I'm going to puke my guts out.

Oh yeah Ms Stabenow: "This bill has a lot of things in it that are not the first choice of insurance companies." Oh how comforting. "We raised the ceilings on (retirement/union/health) benefits for which employers will be fined." Be still my fucking heart.

So it's not as bad as it could have been? I guess I should be all smiles.

To paraphrase a preacher I heard years ago:

Negative Goodness Don't Mean SHIT !!!

Just because this bill sucks less than Refuckyoucan alternatives, does not make it good. It sucks dead donkey dick in the elephant graveyard.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pigs Can't Fly...

but the bullshit does on the Sunday talk showss.

David Gregory is right to read David Axelrod the riot act on the Senate's proposed health care bill. It's a TOTAL piece of shit.

But then he can't riseist his usual water-carrying -- Lying -- for the refuckyoucan view:
...Social Security and Medicare passed with significant reform...
Lie 1
Lie 2

Then on the roundtable, Ed Gillespie, trots out the usual, tried and (un)true refuckyoucan view that the president's falling poll numbers are do to him moving too fer to the left. In all fairness, if I was in his shoes, trying to sell snake oil, I'd say whatever worked, and obviously that line of crap does work, since Obama keeps moving to the RIGHT. Like a panty wasted pussy.

Fuckin Scarborough.... what a fucking GIFT for missing the point and ignoring the obvious: Where has the President reached out to republicans in any meaningful way? Like on .... everything? You want him to just say: You guys write this? ???

Dumb question

This bill is pure Bushian bullshit.

The refuckyoucans are right to oppose it, but as usual, for the wrong reasons. Their solution:

Remove regulation ie allow them to sell insurance across state lines.
End your right to a day in court ie tort reform.
and nothing would be refuckyoucan without a tax cut. to pay for it of course.

Tort reform is bullshit. Most of the "frivolous" law suits refucks talk about are people suing to get insurance companies and doctors to do what they're supposed to do. Remove the profit motive from healthcare/insurance -- a public option / medicare expansion -- and those suits go away. In NO state that has done it's own form of tort reform has insurance cost gone down.

The supposed "competition across state lines" would lower prices... temporarily... as the big companies undersold the small ones and the non profits and coops so they could bankrupt them and swallow them up. Look at banking. Worked out Oh so well, right? end of discussion.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Crapola, Straight from the Top

Nice try, but I'm not buying it. You're passing me a turd and trying to tell me it's fudge.

You're going to FORCE me to pay "protection money" to insurance company gangsters.
You're going to FINE my employer, because he treats me to well with good coverage.

This is NOTHING more than Medicare Part D on steroids.

The president has


Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman have taken the legislative process hostage. If they win, we lose. They will have made the rest of Congress as irrelevant as the President has made himself.

See you in court with a class action lawsuit.

Chris in Seattle
The Great Endarkenment

oh yeah.... that was in answer to this nonsense:

Dear Friend,

After months of debate this year, and decades of gridlock before, our country is closer than ever to passing the single most important piece of domestic legislation since Social Security. This is no small feat. There's a reason that presidents from Truman to Nixon to Clinton have called for, but been unable to achieve, health reform: it's incredibly difficult.

The current legislation in Congress includes many of the protections found in the bipartisan Patient’s Bill of Rights that has been repeatedly defeated by special interests. President Obama addresses that, as well as the broader substance and fierce urgency of health reform, in his latest weekly address. Watch it here:

Watch the video

There are some great elements of this bill that will take some time to set up, such as the new insurance marketplace -- the Exchange -- that allows people without insurance and small businesses to compare plans and buy insurance at competitive prices. But there are a lot of other benefits for families that will kick in during the first year if we get this passed:

  • In the first year, we will make it illegal for insurance companies to drop coverage for Americans.
  • In the first year, more of your money will start going where it belongs: towards your care instead of excessive insurance company profits or TV ads. We will start forcing insurance companies to report the proportion of premium dollars that are not spent on medical care -- including profits. If a company isn’t spending enough of its premium dollars providing benefits for families, it will have to issue rebate checks to its customers to make up the difference.
  • In the first year, all insurance plans will have to begin covering preventive services, helping to shift our health care from just sickness to wellness. If you purchase insurance on your own, you will receive preventive care from your doctor without paying a co-pay.
  • In the first year, seniors will see major relief in paying for prescription drugs. The gap in coverage with Medicare, the so-called "donut hole," will start to close for good.

This bill will reduce premiums for your family, shifting the balance of power from your insurance company back to you.

Health reform extends coverage to 30,000,000 Americans without adding a dime to the Federal deficit. In fact, it represents the largest reduction to the deficit in well over a decade.

The final bill hasn't taken shape yet. There are several more steps in the process, and the President is committed to making it the best bill possible to provide security for those who have insurance and affordable, quality coverage for those who don't.

It is important to look past the bickering and cable chatter and remember that we are on the verge of providing real benefits to Americans who can’t wait any longer.

Thanks, and have a great weekend.


Nancy-Ann DeParle

Director, White House Office of Health Reform

P.S. Don't miss the video of the President's weekly address. Watch it here:

Friday, December 18, 2009

Mr President,

Mr President,
Full disclosure: I was/am a Dennis Kucinich supporter. You lost any hope of my support when you defended and voted to destroy the Bill of Rights via the FISA retooling. A Constitutional scholar? Say again? All that being said...

You NEED to drop this "centrist" approach of yours. This pursuit of mythical bi-partisanship. The republicans have not and will not ever work with you in any way that would help common citizens, working/middle class Americans in any meaningful way. They won't. You need to come to grips and recognize that fact. The more you give in to them, the more they will demand and in the end, they will STILL vote against you.

This health care bill is a disaster. ALL of the republican efforts and amendments have the intent of making this bill a failure. They cannot and will not allow a bill that would go against their view of limited government. They cannot allow a bill that would disprove the Reagan view that "Government is the problem, not the solution." Success by our measure -- and I say "our" in the dwindling hope that you are indeed a liberal? -- is a failure in theirs. And that is reality.

This bill is going to levy fines -- you call them excise taxes -- on 40% of the health care plans in existence now. Sign it and you will be LOWERING the quality of care for all of those people. And what happens when the fines dry up? When those employers drop their good coverage for garbage so they can avoid the fine? Your program will go broke. It will FAIL. Republican victory.

You have SAID, if you could start from scratch, you would go with single payer. STAND YOUR GROUND. Back up your words. People... liberal... progressive... centrist even.... WILL support you. You're dying at the polls NOT because you're not moving to the right/center, but because you ARE! If any one is telling you otherwise, FIRE them!!!

I have called my Senators and Representative that if they vote for this bill, I will NOT vote for them. I will not vote for you if you sign it. You will give government back over to the republicans who created the mess we're in. If that makes you happy, go for it.

Chris Harmatta

Hit the send button and...

Thank You!

Thank you for contacting the White House.

President Obama is committed to creating the most open and accessible administration in American history. That begins with taking comments and questions from you, the public, through our website.

Our office receives tens of thousands of messages from Americans each day. We do our best to reply to as many as we can, but please be aware that you may find more information and answers to your questions online.

We encourage you to visit regularly to follow news and updates, and to learn more about President Obama's agenda for change.

For an easy-to-navigate source of information on Federal government services, please visit:

Thank you again for your message.

The Office of Presidential Correspondence

Thursday, December 17, 2009

What Really Happens at Gitmo

What they feared would get revealed if we didn't destroy the Bill Of Rights.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Now Taking Applications

For two upcoming openings for Progressive candidate for US Senate, representing the state of Washington.

In a 51-48 vote on cloture, 30 democratic senators, Murray and Cantwell included, voted with 18 republicans to BLOCK an amendment that would have allowed for prescription drugs to be imported into the US at cheaper prices. 48 - 30 = 18 meaning that ==> 22 refuckyoucans actually voted FOR something that would have benefited ordinary citizens.

BOTH Senators received voice mails from me registering my disgust and displeasure and my clear intent to withhold voting for them in future elections. I won't vote refuckyoucan; but I won't vote for them. Obama is working extra hard to write a legacy of , "Oh what could have been; what we almost had," and these two seem more than happy to help him along, by taking positions in direct opposition to what their party SHOULD represent.

Don't give me carap about these drugs not being safe; we're not talking about more sit from China. We're talking USDA approved drugs; drugs that are in many cases produced here and exported to be sold overseas at prices lower than what we pay here. A Canadian pharmacist can sell drugs here at a discount and still make money.

There is no safety issue; where are the dead Canadians? The dead Europeans? ???

This is GREED! Pure, Raw, unadulterated GREED! Sociopathic GREED. MURDEROUS Greed. And Murray and Cantwell approve. They are accomplices and enablers.

What will make these sociopaths happy? When will it be enough? When will there be so much suffering, misery, bankruptcy, illness and death that they can no longer wear their Joe Lieberman smiles? ???

Kill the Fucking Bill

Yeah right... A Healthcare reform bill with no fucking reforms.


Yeah. As a monument to ineptitude. To spinelessness. To the Audacity of Nope. To the Pomposity of Prickishness.

No Single Payer.

No Public Option.

No Medi Care Buy-in.

No closing of the Medicare Part D donut hole.

No negotiation of drug prices.

No reimportation of drugs.

No cost controls. In OUR favor.

NOTHING in our favor.

Oh... we get see our employers FINED when they provide us with a policy that actually provides something worthwhile.

I called this what it was a LONG time ago:


The Rightwing Insurance Industry Profit Protection Plan to Assure Social Stratification.

Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good? My hairy fat fucking ass. Our own fucking party, our own fucking president do a much better job of that.

Don't pass me a block of shit and try to tell me it's fudge.

Kill this fucking bill... dump the DINOs/Conservadems/BlueCross Dems... and do it RIGHT:

Single Payer / Medicare Part E

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm not sure who this Karen is, but...

She sure got this right. From a comment thread at Crooks and Liars:

Democrats: We must purchase X. Without X our country is history.

Republicans: Bah. Whatever. Fuck you, commie, pinko, loser, terrorist sympathizers.

President: Folks, X must be purchased. The time has come! Get to it! X will cost $100, so lay out the funds.

Democrats: Thank you, Mr. President. Okay, what do our constituents want?

Voters: Uh, lay out the $100 and get X. Duh.

Democrats: No, that's off the table.

Voters: What? Why?

Democrats: Shut up!

Republicans: How about we just analyze how much of X we really need, most likely none, and pay the proportionate amount?

Democrats: That makes sense, but we really need X. How about $80?

Republicans: $15.

Democrats: $75.

Republicans: $15!

Democrats: $65?

Republicans: $15!

Democrats: $60.

Republicans: $15!

Democrats: $55.

Republicans: $15!

Democrats: Okay, $45, but we're not going any lower! X is too important!

Republicans: $15!

Democrats: $35?

Republicans: $15!

Democrats: $30.

Republicans: $15!

Conservo-crats: You know what? The Republicans are correct. $15 is good.

Democrats: What?!?!

Conservo-crats: You'll never even get part of X without us.

Democrats: $25!

Conservo-crats: Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Democrats: $20?

Conservo-crats: $15.

President: Do what the Conserva-crats are saying. We need a deal.

Democrats: God damn it! Okay. $15.

Republicans: $10.

Democrats: Hey!

Conservo-crats: We could go for $10. After all, it's 10% more X than we have right now.

Democrats: What the hell good is 10% of X when without all of X our country is fucked?

Republicans: You guys really need to learn how to compromise. Stop being so stubborn. Stop being such idealists.

Democrats: Can we at least get back to $15?

Conservo-crats: Ehh, $10's good. Let's do $10.

Democrats: Fuck it. Fine. $10, for whatever good it'll do.

Republicans: $5.

Democrats: Stop it!

Republicans: $5, or we filibuster, and get the Conservo-crats to join us.

Democrats: Okay. $5. But no lower! We're putting our foot down for the American people.

Progresso-crats: Fuck this! We'll filibuster the damn thing!

Democrats: Hey! You lefties stay out of this! With you involved we'll get nothing! Let us do the negotiating!

Progresso-crats: We are getting nothing! You said so yourself! What good is 5% of X when without all of X our country is done?

Democrats: We're settled on $5. $5 is at least a 5% victory for the American people. We can't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Progresso-crats: You're kidding, right?

Democrats: $5 and not a dollar less!

. . . . . . . . to be continued . . . . . .

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fuck Lieberman

He's worse than useless. He can join Bush, Cheney and Huckabee in my "male but not a man" category of sub-humanity.

"This Medicare buy-in....I don't know what's in it, but from what I hear..." Hear from WHOM Joe? The Boner? Diaper Dave? Mitch McMushmouth? or Bill O Lielly? Sean Vannity? The other Foxtards? Fuck you.

Yeah we could have healthcare tomorrow if we just took out a few things, like.... Anything that benefits people? And Fuck the horse you rode in on. Excuse me, the donkey you rode in on, since you obviously have delusions of being some sort of second coming of the (corporate) Messiah.

And while we're on the subject of Fucking, Fuck Obama too. Lieberman wouldn't be where he is, or rather if Obama had wanted otherwise, Lieberman wouldn't be where he is. Obviously, Obama approves of Lieberman's betrayals and dishonesty. Then again, Obama's a phony himself: the Constitutional scholar/professor who promoted the weakening of the Constitution via the Freedom Is Superfluous Act.

I didn't like him then, I see NO reason to change my mind now.

Fuck 'em

and all who agree with 'em.

Any questions? ???

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I want the easiest job in the world:

Refuckyoucan Senator.

Read this, and there will be no doubt.

They do NOTHING.

Not One God Damned Fucking Thing.

They resemble that warrior of the water cooler we've all run into from time to time, who spends more time and effort dreaming up ways to avoid the job they're supposed to do, rather than just doing the fucking job.

What have they done? And I don't just mean in the last year. Or the last three years, while they've been in the minority. Historically:


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


When is enough, enough? This post isn't concerned with facts, it's a prediction of the conservatard/refuckyoucan view of Obama's escalation.

Obama had basically three choices for Afghanistan:

1) Leave.

2a) Stay and continue to put it on Mastercard/Visa like Dubya

2b) Stay and pay for it.

In the first case, that would be worse than "dithering." As Dubya showed so brilliantly, thought has no place in Presidential decidering. Leaving would be showing the world we're weak. Emboldening terrists all over the world. Akin to putting terrist criminals on trial. Or not torturing them. Pussy stuff.

In the second case, it matters not that Dubya, following in Reagan's ghostly footsteps, did it, Obama would be fiscally irresponsible. We should all know by now that Tax and spend liberals are responsible for refuckyoucan debt.

The third case, well... Tax and spend. Says it all. Obama's just using the war as an excuse to raise taxes and grow government.

It's impossible for any decision Obama makes to be correct. Totally impossible.


I want the easiest job in the world: Senate Refuckyoucan.

More on that later.

Monday, November 30, 2009

I Blew in Your Ear

Gonna follow me anywhere?

Anybody knows to what that refers... the origins thereof... not sure what you'll win. Anyyyy wayyyy

If you happened to be listening to the NorMan GoldMan radio show tonight, you may have heard me. Twas I who addressed the issue of Mike Huckabee's role/responsibility in the aftermath of the executions of four Lakewood, WA Police officers.

If Huckabee is any kind of a man at all, he will admit he fucked up. He will admit that if it was Maurice Clemmons who shot the officers, had he not been granted a commutation and then released from prison, these officers will still be alive. He will not say he's sorry; he will ask forgiveness. And there is a difference; a HUGE difference.

He may have had what he thought were good reasons at the time; I can accept that. He could not know the future; I realize that. Never the less, HE freed the man. HE made this possible.

Any weasling, any waffling, any attempts to deflect or duck responsibility, and Huckabee will take a place at Dubya's right hand as a target of my contempt and derision. not a place of honor to say the least.

Get Ready to Bend and Spread

Here comes the "Bi-Partisan Jobs Summit. No matter what ever else gets recommended, it's a given more tax cuts will be part of it all.

Cuzz we know how they make the economy grow.

Same ol' shit in a shiny new bucket.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dear Senator Sanders,

Senator Sanders,

I just finished taking your survey, and I have some issues. I know that just like multiple choice tests, multiple choice surveys are difficult to construct: the answers provided often do not adequately apply to or express the respondents' situations.

I have had good health insurance for the past 12 years. The price has kept going up, but I have had no issues with its coverage. I understand it will be classified as a "Cadillac Plan," which is a GROSS mischaracterization. It is neither luxurious nor extravagant. I still pay copays; many things are covered at percentages; it includes lifetime caps, but has to now -- we just changed from Washington Employers Trust, to Cigna -- covered pre-existing conditions. I pay $60.28, twice a month which is %20 of the cost, and that includes dental and vision as well as medical, for a total cost of $7234.80/year, FOR MYSELF.

Now under the Baucus Caucus / Gang of Six proposal, my employer would be FINED, because he treats me too well. He gives me crappier coverage, he no longer pays the FINE. Further, the "funding" to provide for whatever public option there might be goes away, which is a recipe for disaster, which as anyone knows is exactly what the Reaganite Republicans want: Government HAS to be a problem; it CANNOT be a solution. You already know that.

I WANT reform, but not THIS reform. In theory, my coverage will remain relatively unaffected, but if my boss gets selfish or offended or simply cannot afford the imposed FINES, my coverage will get worse. It's like passing a highway bill that assures every city will have a bridge that will fall down.

In theory, I agree with a public option, and the idea that "if you like what you have, you can keep it," but what's not being said is that if you don't like what you have -- can we say Walmart? -- you are F*cked.

In theory, I approve of the expansion of Medicaid, but since that is a mandate to states, who are going broke, I disapprove.

Now I TOTALLY disapprove of the "Opt-out" provisions which put unfortunate people at the mercy of morons like Rick Perry and Mark Sanford and the Democratic candidate who lost in VA while promising he would opt out. I TOTALLY disapprove of allowing insurance companies to sell across state lines. True, this would initially lower costs, while the big boys slash prices to squeeze out little guys, but in the end it will create companies that are too big to fail. Just like banking deregulation. I TOTALLY disapprove of Republican ideas of tort reform, since they take away our right to a day in court in many cases merely to force insurers to do what we pay them to do.

I WANT reform, but not THIS reform. I agree with you and Thom Hartmann and Dennis Kucinich and Jim McDermott and others (who I wish would form a third party that actually represents People not corporations): Single payer/Medicare Part E.

Chris Harmatta

Monday, November 16, 2009

Much Ado about Something

I attended the Town Hall meeting with Ed Schultz last night. Packed house. Great time. The show ended JUST as I made it up to the microphone. Bummer of bummers for me. Relief for the radio/TeeVee audience who might have been subjected to my issue/question. Oh well. Got to meet Norman Goldman and talked with him about it.

Watch the Ed Show on MSNBC and you might see me waiting in line. You'll recognize me by my signature t-shirt.

Much Ado About Nothing

So Obama bows as he greets the Japanese emperor, and we now have "Bow-gate." If you pay any attention to the morons who surround Chris Wallace on Sundays: Dick Cheney never bowed... Sarah Palin would not bow...

That's simply because the one is rude, crude, uncouth and self-important, and the second adds stupid to that personal resume.

Obama was being polite. Look it up. I think it's still listed in dictionaries. I don't think Dubya completely killed the concept. Try as he did.

There's no "there" there. Here. Wherever.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Senator Cantwell,

Not everyone has the guts of an Alan Grayson, but....

Thank you for your votes today in favor of a health care public option. Leadership can be a lonely position. Stay strong. Show Baucus and the other blue dogs how it's done.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What's in a Name?

Just in case anyone still wondered why I call them refuckyoucans.

Family values at their best.

Good Christian misogynists.

Now with bi-partisan support !!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Damn Near Speechless

I sit here thinking about the Baucus Caucus farce of a wealth care bill. I find myself offended in ways I cannot describe. What's done it is the inclusion of the so-called "sur-charge" on "Cadillac plans." The very idea, that they would be so self righteous and narcissistic as to presume that they can place some arbitrary boundary on what is acceptable for employers to provide in terms of coverage is...

"...I will ascend to the throne of the most high..."

Who made you God, Max Baucus? ???

This is NOT a fee. It is NOT a sur-charge. It is NOT even a tax. Call it what it is: A FINE.

They have criminalized good health care. I have good coverage. At least I had it, until my employer was pushed off what we had and forced to go elsewhere. (Full disclosure: Our new insurance has yet to kick in; I do not know for sure how good it might be) Our new plan, is supposedly a cadillac plan; as was our old plan. No worries about pre-existing conditions; no fuss over preventative procedures, like ass reamings and tit squeezings; small copays on Dr visits and prescips: $10-15. Was nice. I really never had to worry. And I could add family members and only payed the same percentage of their premiums as I did on my own.

Apparently though, this is some kind of threat. To whom, I know not, but the Baucus Caucus and Gang of Six, has in their infinite wisdom decided that my life is not worth this coverage. Nor is your life. Nor anyone's.

Should the Baucus Bill become law, this will now be a crime and my boss will be fined. They say it's to encourage companies to search out other options. Like... Shittier coverage? Higher copays? Higher deductibles? Lower life time and yearly maximums on payments? My coverage goes crappy, he no longer gets fined.

I thought it was McCain who wanted to dismantle the employer based system? And I thought he lost the election? So that we wouldn't have George Bush's third term? I thought health care would work toward providing better coverage. Not worse.

I feel as though I've just been told I'm only 3/5s of a man.

Meet the new boss; same as the old boss. The Boss from the 1800's.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

How Many Ways Can You be a Moron

And still be a guest on a Sunday talk show?

Apparently a GREAT many, as George F Will once again proves.

He asks Arianna Huffington about the fact that there's a Democratic majority in the Senate, same with the House and the same with the White House, " what's the problem with the change you don't seem to be believing in? How many Republicans voted for the stimulus bill? Two."

George.... Dear boy.... you just answered your own god damned question. The problem is all the compromising and watering down done by the Dems on EVERY issue since Obama's taken office. He, and they, repeatedly fails to acknowledge the evidence right under his nose, and continues to pursue non-existent bi-partisan solutions to the nation's problems. Hundreds of Refuckyoucan amendments to the health care bill coming from the Senate HELP committee and NO Refuckyoucan votes in return. Why offer up the amendments at all unless their purpose is to make the bil a bill worth passing?

If there is a problem with the stimulus, its in the refuckyoucan amendments that watered it down. If they had had their way, the stimulus would have been ALL tax cuts.

There is a very simple reason we will NEVER see compromise, meaningful, constructive, compromise, or TRUE bi-partisan efforts from this congress. It would be an admission that the republican way, the neo-conservative way, Reaganomics/voodoo economics were wrong. The economy shrinks, and they tout their mythical "Ron Reagan pro-growth" policies. Jon McCain runs with the plan to cuts trillions more in taxes so the republican party can "...regain the position of fiscal responsibility it had under Ronald Reagan." HUH????

This is a party, a group representing a party, that filibustered one of their own fucking bills in the last congress. Obstruct first, ask questions later. if at all Indefensible. Totally. They do not deserve to be taken seriously. Other than for the damage they will do if given the chance.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I got thinking today about the anal seepage on the other side, The Gang of Six, Cantor, Boner, DeMint, Ensign, and got to wondering if this woman just, well... If she just looked in the mirror, at the people behind her, beside her... she'd be spot on.

She's got her expose. It's called the Baucus Caucus.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jack and Squat,,,

I think they were already in place...:

He's right: I'm pissed.

One of the things the Wrong Wing doesn't understand, or.... maybe they understand, but they don't apply to themselves is self-criticism. Remember, the loyalty oaths? The "free speech zones?" The St Paul Police Dept's pre-emptive raids against "suspected" protesters? Holy Joe's quote:
To those who would criticize our president in time of war, we do so at our nation's peril.
Noooo... critics allowed. Get behind your commander in chief. March off that cliff behind him like good little lemmengs. OK, so no one on the dark side really made that last statement. in public. that I know of. But the sentiment is there.

I remember George F Will, the "Giant of Conservative Thought," (and epitome of contradiction in terms) once said something like, "We on the right understand that it's the job of government to protect the borders and deliver the mail," and ignore "promoting the general welfare," but I digress...

We on the left understand that it is the DUTY of the people, and press, and tv pundits... to criticize our president, refuckyoucan or Democrat, because that is what keeps government on the right, as in "correct," path. So Yes, I WILL criticize Obama for his total pandering to the party that wishes for nothing but his failure, and the ensuing disaster and destruction, otherwise known as the return to conservative values and standards.

It's no secret that I despised George W Bush and all for which he stood; on the days when my feelings toward him were more positive, that is. I never "hoped for" his failure; I knew he would fail, but I never hoped for it. Everything he did was wrong; bad for the country; the environment; the economy; the world. He touched gold and it turned to shit. But one thing I will say about Dubya:

When it came to getting shit done, he got it done.

Summbitch had NO qualms whatsoever in getting up in front of his hand picked, loyalty oathed, crowds and totally shaming Congress into doing his bidding. Whether it was passing tax cuts to bankrupt the treasury, starting a war against a country that never attacked us, funneling Billions to contractors for non-existent work, more billions to pharmaceutical companies for over priced drugs... if it was a sweetheart deal for corporations, and a shitty deal for working/middle class people, he got it done.

What is Obama's fucking problem? ???

Friday, October 2, 2009

Straight Republicans?

yuppers. Here's one, anyway:

h/t to Pundit Kitchen.

ooops.... can't forget the hiker:

OMG.... Diaper Dave:

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Support the Troops?

When I posted the other day, I thought I knew enough about the language that I could teach vocabulary lessons now and then. I guess I was wrong. Apparently I need to unlearn, relearn or just plain learn, a definition of "veteran." At least as it pertains to veterans' health care.

WTF is this? (h/t to C&L) All these years, 53 of them, I thought that once you were a veteran, you were entitled to had earned health care from the Veterans' Administration; for life; no questions asked. Cut your thumb slicing onions for your barbecue sauce, and you can get the stitches at a VA hospital, or show your VA card ANYwhere and get them. How silly of me. Did I miss something in my 8th grade Civics class?

I don't givve a flying fuck where or how these guys got their cancer, they're vets; we take care of vets. I don't care if they were drafted or volunteered. I don't care if they ever got shot at or not; with real bullets or nerf guns or water pistols.

This isn't just the usual, refuckyoucan bullshitiousness or douchebaggery. I know this is likely their idea of some sort of fiscal responsibility: Setting clear guidelines, etc. Every fucking republican administration that I know of fucks over and shits on the military. They LOVE their contractors, and they'll spend trillions without question on their weapons systems, whether they work or not, but detest giving ANY benefits to the men and women who actually get down in the muck and do the dirty work of defending the system that supports their sorry power brokering asses.

Fucking plantation owners had sense enough to treat their slaves better than this.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Let Them Eat...


Creative ways to say, "Fuck them."

And it's Obama who has the death panels? ???

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Madness Begins

well.... let me say the madness has been here, it's just the physical manifestation of its latest incarnation that has begun.

What the fuck was Michelle Bachman thinking? Of course that pre-supposes that she does think.

What the fuck were the people who voted her into Congress, more than once, thinking? Again, that presupposes that people who vote republicans into office think,

It's all fun and games till someone gets hurt, right? Well it ain't funny any more Michelle... Rush... Billo... Sean... Sarah... Glenn... can't believe there's a mayor up here wanting to give that crotchwipulous speck of fromundacheese the key to a city... wouldn't piss in his face if he was dying of thirst...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Million" Moron March

via Raw Story:

"As Josh Marshall reported at TalkingPointsMemo, the fire department estimated the crowd at 60,000 to 70,000 people -- a "respectable" size, but..."

Nowhere what was hoped? expected? or what will be claimed by the Foxtards, I imagine.

the media sems so concerned about the "health" of the refuckyoucan party. As if they ever contribute anything of value to society. Racist crazies. Palin/Bachman for preznit...?

I'm off to work to try to keep up with insurance premiums.

PS My condolences to Firestarter.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Can You Hear Me Now?

Not too long ago I came up with a tag. Tonight, Keith O showed a shining example of why that tag exists.

Do the followers of the refuckyoucan/conservatard powers-that-be ever make the slightest effort to listen to the bull shit they spew? Come on. I mean really.

I'm glad there are people like Keith who can listen to Vannity; I can't. I am physically, mentally and emotionally incapable.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Anudder WTF from Where Else?

Fucks Noise, naturally.

Bloody Billy sits at the head of the "Red Ribbon Panel" table. They had a Blue Ribbon Panel?

"The American people are consistently against health care reform." With his history of can't-miss clairvoyance, maybe this means we'll actually get it?

This is the guy they put in place of the Shar Pei, Britt Hume? Makes me wonder if he's warming the seat for Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman.

Shit. Katrina vanden Heuvel is going to be on Snuffalopuloss. And the wife wants to go out for breakfast. The things I do to promote harmony and bliss.

Robert Gibbs on Suffy: "The President believes it is a valuable tool..." "... it is a valuable component..."

Does he WANT IT? Is it ESSENTIAL? Will he fuck us by signing a bill without it? or will he finally grow a pair and do what he was elected to do?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

In Memorium

I know I'm a few days late and a few dollars short on remembering the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy, but.... At about the 6:40 mark of this speech, Ted utters the phrase, in the form of a question, that I will remember as his trademark. Whether the issue be Health Care, Civil Rights, Minimum Wage, the Disabled... Ted always landed on the side of the underdog; the down trodden. How remarkable for a man born into wealth and privilege. What lesson(s) did he learn that Dubya did not? ???


Stewing in Right Wing Juices

No, this is not a posting on cooking. Although I did just buy a book on Rubs, Marinades and Sauces, and used an EXcellent one: "The only marinade you'll ever need." But that's for another post.

Friday morning I was once again engaging in one of my favorite masochistic activities: watching "Morning Joe," with pompous ass extraordinaire Joe Scarborough. One of his guests/participants was pompous wanna-be-Queen-for-a-Day Peggy Noonan, and the two of them once more promoted the bull shit conservatard fantasy that we are somefuckinghow a "center-right" nation.

The evidence is overwhelming:

We have a democrat in the White House. Definitely due to our center rightness.

(Said democrat was "smeared" with the bull shit story of his having the most liberal voting record in the Senate. Wanna comment on that claim Senator Sanders?)

We have a near veto proof democratic majority in the House of representatives. A position gained via several elections. Obviously due to our center rightness.

We had, prior to the death of Senator Kennedy, a fillibuster proof majority in the Senate ( if you count such phonies as Holy Joe Lieberman), a position that was predicted as NOT being possible prior to the last election. Impossible if the nation were NOT center right.

In siad last presidential election previously "red" states, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, and Indiana were carried by Barack Obama. Who... is a Democrat. Proof positive that we are a center right nation. ESPECially these states.

What kind of a nation would elect the first black man president other than a center right nation? Cumon kids.

The same center right nation that "elected" a refuckyoucan who lost in the popular vote. Lets not even get into the facts that he even had help via Diebold and their helpers, his brother as governor of the state in question, SCOTUS and voter roll purges..... Surely those efforts were only meant to make the vote appear close so that we wouldn't look too extremely right wingish.... eh?

And finally -- for me at least -- the reason Obama's popularity goes Down every time he reaches agreement with the refuckyoucans can only, ONLY be because we are a center right nation.

Why not look at (the lack of) Health Care reform. Obama was riding high with approval after his election. One of his platform planks was providing universal coverage. OK... Then he moves -- to the left? -- and rejects the idea of Single Payer Coverage. Naturally his cener right approval goes down. In another move -- to the left? -- away from his previously stated position he broaches the possibility of taxing health insurance premiums as a source of funding any new initiatives. As one would expect, more support from the center right leaves. Then he waffles -- to the left? again -- on whether or not a "public option" should be an essential part of the discussion. Well duh, of course his center right approval will go down.

How much farther to the left will this guy go? Abandon the proposed reincarnation of non-profit coops -- remember the "old" Blue Shield/Blue Cross? -- or a direct tax money infusion to insurance companies as a way to subsidize wishes and prayers that they will lower costs? No wonder he can't gain any hard right support, much less support from the more reasonable center right masses -- that elected him? -- and the majorities in Congress? God damned far left liberal fascists, pushing this corporatist agenda....

I can't even think of anything to say in response to Nonan's idea that the best thing that could happen to Obama would be the election of a Refuckyoucan majority in Congress. You know, a return to power of the party that rubber stamped free spending on meaningless wars in combination with tax cuts and deregulation and raping and pillaging and... You now, a return to our center right roots that have worked So fucking well since Reagan.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Ultimate in Simplicity

Yeah, why do something in ten pages when you can do it in 1000. And save those poor oppressed insurance mobsters companies and their execs.

To anyone who doesn't listen to Thom Hartmann: Why?

Oh yeah.... almost forgot this.

The Ultimate In Bullshitiousness and Douchebaggery.

Like the pro wrestler raising his hands to the referee and the fans in some sort of supplication, "Who? Me? Hiding a roll of coins in my trunks? Noooooo....." the 20th century protection mobsters AHIP, America's Health Insurance Providers, have come up with this nonsense:

Who? Us? Noooo..... we never established the practices of rationing and denial of care and services. We never established the standards of "pre-existing conditions." We're not to blame. No, we WANT reform, We WANT regulation.

Look everyone: Flying pigs in Wonder Woman suits.

Lets hear it for RIP ASS: The Rightwing Insurance Industry Profit Protection Plan to Accelerate Social Stratification. Keep in mind, like the Blue Ball Blue Dog Blue Cross Dems, you don't have to be a refuckyoucan to be a right wing conservatard. Or just plane fucking greedy and willing to be bought/bribed. Gangsters aren't picky. They'll pay anyone willing to advance their causes.

Hey overpaid executards: Here's an idea. You want to serve people? Help People? DO it. Don't wait for the fucking Congress, just do it. Don't insult our fucking intelligence, just do it. Stop making fools out of the Katy Abramses and her fellow teabaggers of the world, just do it.

The truth of the matter is, plane and simple: These fuckers aren't here for US, people, little people, who get their hands dirty and pay their premiums and expect something in return. They're here for their Wall Street investors. Period.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

From the Other Side

We keep hearing... alright EYE keep hearing a lot about how the refuckyoucans want health care reform every bit as much as normal people do. Never mind the fact that, just as with the stimulus bill, not a one of those asswipulous shitweasels will vote for it, no one is listening to their ideas. Which are...? ???

Here you go. All wrapped up nice and neat; ideas for signs; do it yourself instructions; everything you need to disrupt a town hall meeting; the only thing missing is the bow. I'm surprised there's no l;ink to this on Ms Katy's 9-12 Organizer astro turfing blog. (h/t Bluegal) Her Scrubbed blog that is. She's not a billionaire? She wishes she was one? (don't we all at one time or another?) Or does she just prostitute herself and spread for them?

And speaking of Christian Fascists... I went to High School with one of these guys. A fine example of what our "Religious Right" (who are NEVER right, as in correct) "right to lifers" "respectors of the sanctity of life" (as long as that life is white, unborn, potentially refuckyoucan...) REALLY care about. Not life. Not of common ordinary people. Not sick people.

Palin/Beck/Hannity... Fucks News fans. ie MORONS.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You Got Dat Right UPDATED

I sure ain't messin' with her pubes.

Almost makes you afraid to travel, eh?

Update: My sister's a grandma, and travels to Asia all the time. (yeah, she works for one of those: a company that sent their jobs to China) I wonder if she'll survive. I hope the youth there don't find out about her.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Here it Is

Or here they are, which ever the case may be.

As I said yesterday, Crooks and Liars would have the Hardball appearance of Lebanon, PA's own Princess Poofie Brain, Katy Abram. O'Donnell takes it easy on her, kid gloves all the way, although he can't quite totally hide his amusement.

You watch the You Tube video and you might think for a moment that she actually has something to say. She appears all prepared like a good little school girl... the dog didn't eat her homework (she gets up at about the 5 minute mark)... she shows she can read, and gets quite the ovation from the rest of the lemmings in attendance.

The woman's worse than a moron. I can feel sorry for a moron. This woman's a phony, and I HATE phonies. Go to You Tube though, and you'll find there are those who think she's all that and a bottle of douche. Someone with a stronger stomach can critique her appearance on Hannity.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What a Moron

Katy Abram from Lebanon, PA. I watched your positions get totally deconstructed by Lawrence O'Donnell on Hardball. It was SO Obvious you had NO idea what you were talking about. When I hear people parrot republican talking points in defense of the Rightwing Insurance Industry Profit Protection Plan to Assure Social Stratification -- RIIPPP ASS -- I don't feel pity or compassion as I might for someone who's been duped.

I watched the old man from the same meeting, the one who talked about god judging Spector, during a portion of his appearance on Scarborough. I could almost feel sorry for that guy. As confused, and quite frankly not-quite-all-thereish as he sounded, he at least sounded sincere. I felt like the right wing power brokers were taking advantage of him.

You... you want the country to get back to what the founders intended, yet you can't or won't say what that means. Repeal Medicare? Repeal Social Security? Things are happening too fast? How long should they take? What should be put on the back burner? (in all fairness, Scarborough couldn't answer this one either, when Courtney Hazlett interviewed him and asked him 3 times: "Obama just won't make the hard choices.")

When you talk, Dear, Please have an idea in your head. Preferably an original one. And leave the silly girl giggles and the "I'd rather not say"s at home. They're not cute. They make you look and sound like an attention whore. But hey...

You helped get Lebanon, one of the most backward locales in the universe, a few minutes of fame/infamy.

So What's the Difference Between Right Wing Loonies and Mainstream Republicans?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Welcome to the fringe Senator Charles Grassley, who now agrees with Sarah Palin as to the existence of, or the intent of President Obama to create, Death Panels.

Sarah Palin has neither shame nor sense nor honor nor even a modicum of common decency. We know this. At least on the left we know this. When she lies, it's all in a day's work. It's expected. A surprise would be her telling the truth, but I doubt she's known any form of that for... who knows. To be charitable: She's crazy as a shithouse rat.

Tell us Mr Grassley, ranking refuckyoucan member of the Senate Finance committee, member of the so-called Gang of Six, working toward a "bi-partisam compromise" on health care "reform," What the fuck is your excuse for your lunatic statements? ???

Every pundit on MSNBC has talked about it this evening, so the good folks at Crooks and Liars will surely post a You Tube clip.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bullshitiousness and Douchebaggery pt Tink...

Mooooorrrrrrrre Trickle down. Yeah. Let the rich people piss on the little people's heads and everything will be OK. So, in one way or another, says Ex (and thank Geeawduh he's ex) Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan.

The benefits of lower capitol gains taxes. "Pro-growth" fiscal poli tax cuts. Yeah, real fucking effective. Put a lot of people to work at Walmart to collect those tax cuts and send them off to China, these refuckyoucan policies did.

When the fuck are these "news" people going to pull their heads out of their asses and stop spewing this totally dis proven bullshit? No that's not really a rhetorical question; there is an actual answer: NEVER. It's the corporate screed and the the fact that it makes as much sense as a Palin speech seems to make it all the more death defyingly newsworthy

Snuffalolopuss has Michelle Malkin on. Oh my fucking.... Is this part of a strategy to expose the total fuckwaddity of conservatard beliefs and policies? Love how she totally disowns Greenspan. Even though he was the conservatards' hero with his theories that business could actually be self regulating. Which brings me around and back to my point that Greenspan was sooooo way fucking wrong before the drool was even dry on his chin: He was "shocked" to realize that banks and brokers and other big-assed-bonus collectors would.... put their bonuses ahead of things like.... ethical business practices and other ideas obviously authored by the Brothers Grimm or HG Wells. Ohhhhhhhh....

Now we not only have Obama's redistribution of wealth. Michelle says there's a grass roots objection to:

The Redistribution of Health

Someone just tazered my eyeteeth via my asshole. The total crockshitulousness of that idea... the mind blowing fuckwaddity...


These fucking people -- insurance companies, Blue Elephant Dems like Baucus, Nelson, Bayh and fence-sitters like Maria Cantwell -- are fucking ghouls. They're hovering about your fucking grave, grabbing all they can before you fall in... prolonging that slip on the banana peel. Casinos don't make money by making their slot machines loose and insurance compnies don't make money by paying out money to make you well or keep you healthy. DUH !!!!!

It's just fine and fucking dandy to them, to see waves and droves of people lose their coverage -- for which they've payed -- and lose their savings -- if they have any -- their homes -- if they have one... it amounts to an en-masse death sentence. "They can't pay? Fuck 'em." And when you're out there on the street corner with your tin cup, they'll be right over your shoulder demanding their cut. And wondering how you could afford a "tin" cup; brand name no less. Why won't a generic plastic one do?

Noooo.... somehow "health" is a hordable commodity. It must be guarded at all costs. Like gold, public ownership MUST be forbidden. I didn't hear her say: Is there a medicinal value to health? Or is it purely recreational like LSD? Any enlightenment gained through health is merely a hallucination...?

Shoot me; shoot her; I don't care shoot someone and put me out of the misery of seeing these nimrods on (what should be) a serious news outlet. Restrict them to Faux where they belong.

Oh... yeah... Greenspan. Right. Let's hear from the guy whose policies got us here tell us how to get out. I doubt we'll hear, "Ignore what I do; ignore what I say; ignore me. I should not only not be here now, I should never have been here. You're in good hands with Timmy. (tee hee hee)"

Thursday, July 23, 2009


"If we're able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him"

If anyone ever wondered where, how, why I use the term "refuckyoucan" to refer to the minority party, there you have it. Jim Demint (R - SC) (that's refuckyoucan, representing the second century) sums it up nicely.

He and his ilk do NOT represent you, me, us; they represent themselves. This battle over health care reform is NOT about... anything. It's not about principal. It's personal. They win, Obama loses. They win, Nancy Pelosi loses. They win, the Dems lose.

They win, they win. What else matters? Nothing. No one.

It's all about them. And it has been ever since.... the Reconstruction?

Don't tell me about "tax and spend liberals." Not when those bastards pass tax cuts, while they increase spending on useless wars and toys. Not when the taxes we do pay go to subsidize their corporate pimp donors.

ALL of their arguments, every last one of them, are bull shit fueled lies. Rationing? That's an undefined catch phrase based on.... ? Wait lines? There are 47 MILLION who would LOVE to be able to get a snill of a line. Denial of services? Where is the profit in providing service? Bureaucrats in between you and your doctor? That would be..... insurance company bean counters who have to approve the procudure your doctor recommends..? That make you wait for the root canal your dentist recomends? Because....?

And the one I LOVE: This bill does nothing to contain/reduce costs.

When you listen to these asswipulous wads of fuck talk about saving money, just remember... These mother fuckers passed the Medicare prescription drug program that FORBIDS the government from negotiating LOWER drug prices. And their phoney-cowboy squatter threatened a VETO when Nancy Pelosi annouces she wanted to repeal that provision (not that I forgive her for spinelessly giving in and not forcing his hand)

We have a LAW on the books that MANDATES over spending. A conservatard driven, refuckyoucan fueled, lobbyist written LAW, that MANDATES waste. Bullshitiousness and douchebaggery at their best. A crockshitulous LAW that forbids government saving.

And liberals are the bad guys?

Give my tazer fucked ass a break.

Dear Dems,

Grow some fucking spines, ignore these walking talking laundry stains come to life and GET THIS DONE!!!!!! Do you hear me Maria Cantwell? Ms Lame Duck Senator.

With that, I take my rage-fueled brain freeze camping.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

3Dems, 4 Refucks...

The Coalition of the Willing. Looking for a "solution to the health care... crisis, stalemate, reform effort, slowdown effort...

After listening to Orrin Hatch trash every progressive idea, summing them up in, "Let me be straight. What these people want is to pave the way for single payer."

Oh horror of horrors. That would do what? Give us the system that every other developed industrialized nation in the world has seen as a failure? That they are now trying to replace with a private for-profit system? So the question is:

Willing to do what? Besides guarantee more of the same old crockshitulous conservatard clusterfuckidity we have now?

We're not asking for a fucking pony. We're asking for something the fucking country NEEDS.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Siren Song of White Trash

Sooo.... I was listening to Ron Reagan here on AM1090, and someone compared Sarah Palin to his dad.

Ooops. Ron no likey.

So I AM embarrassed by the fact that I voted for RR twice, but on an empirical level I have to agree with Ron that the two are nothing alike. Besides the rack, gender, m_lfishness ( No.... I wouldn't like to)... Intellectually there is no comparison. Yeah, Reagan had that "folksy" persona that the refucks have tried to make their brand, and butchered it in the process, but I don't remember Reagan ever showing pride in his ignorance. But I digress....

One point Ron made while objecting to the caller was that his dad wrote his own speeches, and expressed some serious doubt in Palin's ability to do so. I listened to that and thought, "Whoa! You just insulted the fuck out of every speechwriter past, present and future. Who the fuck would ever admit to writing that unintelligible mish-mash of gibberish and buffooonery?" That shit made her answers to Katie Couric look like they belong in "Great Moments of Genius."

BTW... Hannity owes me dinner. Yes I tuned in to his show the other night. He still lives in his own little country: Hannity's America." It sure ain't mine. I was amazed as he sat there looking so.... dumbfounded I suppose as he defended Palin. He actually tried to say she made sense. On the other hand he couldn't say how. Then he went after Obama, real surprise there, trying to say there was no difference between Palin's quitting and Obama's run for president. (of course there was no mention of McCain's run) And then he went on to wonder why no one critized Jante Napolitano or Kathleen Sabelius, or Tammy Duckworth or... who quit to take OTHER JOBS. Serving the country.

Clearly "Hannity's America" is a figment of someone's imagination. Just as Palin's notion of her being a fighter and a champion and a leader and... anything but a quitter and a fraud. What the hell are the 70% of refuckyoucans who say they would vote for her for president thinking? ??? What's Hannity thinking when he puts on his most sincere expresson and says that he would feel more confident with Palin sitting across from Putin than Obama? ???

Mind boggling, all. And her point guard analogy? Passing the ball?

Because you can't make the outside shot? Because you can't drive for the lay up? Because if you draw the foul, you can't make the free throws?

Winners want the ball. End of story.

Friday, July 3, 2009

WTF? ???

I have never in my life heard such an incoherent crock of shit as Sarah Palin's reason(s?) (was there more than one? Was there even one? ???) for quitting as governor.

And people... the refuckyoucan party, and that party's choice for president... thought this... this... whatever she is, was qualified to be one heartbeat away from the Oval Office...? ???

Once again, The Saturday Night Live skit writes itself. No retirement for Tina Fey.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Walmart's Change of Heart

So WallyWorld suddenly becomes concerned about their employees' well being? After years of keeping workers just shy of full time to avoid benefits? After years of forcing workers into flex time arrangements rather than pay them overtime? Now they back a federal mandate requiring that they (among others) carry employee health insurance...? ???

Will that same mandate end their practice of denying workers' full time status?

Ohhhh.... Monica Crowley: The republican party has free market principles to reform health care. Fuck me up the ass with a tazer. Again. More fucktardulous asswipery from the douchenozzulous conservadips.

Anyway... Walmart, those free market grand champeeens, who want you to save money so you can live better... by buying Chinese made SHIT... that poisons your kids and your pets and is made by slaves, prisoners and children... at the expense of lakes, rivers, the sky and all things that live... I assure you, are NOT going to do anything that benefits their employees without it benefiting their corporate balance sheet MORE. and here's how it'll be done:

They will continue to escape whatever mandate there may be -- since their lobbyists will help write it, including the required loopholes -- by whatever means neccesary: Denial of hours, lay offs... While other businesses ie "small," 'family," that cannot absorb the legal costs from being sued, will fold under the crushing insurance costs that will continue to skyrocket.

Walmart's saying the right words. They sound nice and warm and fuzzy, like they're going to give the poor and downtrodden -- that they've helped create and maintain -- this wonderful gift all from the goodness of the heart they've finally grown. Riiiight.

It's called delayed gratification. Investing. The magic of it all is that they're convincing people that they're investing in workers. Fat chance. This is ALL for their own gratification.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No More Excuses? ???

Norm Coleman finally grows a conscience. Al Franken's in. Sixty votes.

Let's get some shit done that benefits the country, eh?

  1. End the War to Enrich Halliburton
  2. Close Guantanimo
  3. Reform healthcare... and that means reFORM, not... reword, review, rearrange, recapitulate...
  4. Reform the Bankster Industry
  5. Investigate/Prosecute Bush's war crimes
  6. Bring back the Fourth Amendment by repealing/reworking FISA
  7. Repeal the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act and bring back the rest of the Bill of Rights
  8. Un-Fuck our election processes
  9. End "Don't Ask Don't Tell"
for starters.

And if Holy Joe and Arlen try to fuck up the works, then cut them loose and do everything by reconciliation or put an end to filibusters. Do what has to be done to put an end to this tyranny of the minority. Replace Harry Reid with a real leader maybe; like Bernie Sanders.

Hopefully I can retire this tag: And now for another spineless moment from Congress

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Maria

And no, I don't mean the Sanford Maria. Although, who knows?

Senator Maria Cantwell (Dumbocrat, Corporatia) once again totally misses the point. As the following, from her website, shows:

Senator Cantwell Proposes Common Sense Health Care Legislation

I have always felt that Washington state can provide a blueprint for nationwide improvements in health care. For years, we have been at the forefront of innovation, and developing practices to improve the quality of care and make it more affordable. Over the past few months, I have heard from thousands of Washingtonians and met with groups of health care experts across our state to ensure that national reform legislation offers practical solutions to the problems in our current health care model.

Over the next few weeks, Congress is going to start debate in earnest over possible health care proposals. As a member of the Senate Finance Committee, which will play an integral role in reforming our country’s health care system, I am working to ensure that any proposal increases access to quality care for patients while reducing costs.

Earlier this month, I introduced the Medical Efficiency and Delivery Improvement of Care (MEDIC) Act, a bill which provides common-sense solutions to many of the most critical problems besetting our health care system. While every piece of the health care puzzle requires individual attention, one common thread connects them all: the need to improve the quality of care patients receive, while bringing down costs.

The MEDIC Act aims to accomplish this goal through the following means:

Medicare Payment Improvement -- For years, Washington state has been penalized under the Medicare program for providing efficient, high quality care. My proposal is designed to address this longstanding problem by providing incentives for providers to ensure the care they are giving to patients is high quality and low cost. It would create a new physician payment component that rewards the quality, and not quantity, of services.

Our state already ranks 16th out of all 50 states and the District of Columbia in keeping costs per Medicare beneficiary under control, with an average of $5,280 statewide. If we could achieve this nationwide, the country could save close to $55 billion a year.

Physician Workforce Enhancement -- The MEDIC Act will improve access to health care by increasing the number of physicians trained in high-need specialties. And it will expand the nation’s graduate medical education training capacity to a larger number of suburban and rural hospitals.

Preserving Patient Access to Primary Care -- In our current health care system, there is a critical shortage of primary care physicians and an inefficient system of Medicare reimbursements that do not reward a coordinated approach of patients’ health care needs. My proposal specifically addresses those problems, and will also help provide cost effective, prevention oriented care throughout the country, especially in underserved and rural communities.

Washington can take pride in having two great examples of integrated care systems which would qualify as patient-centered medical homes. Group Health and Providence Health and Services provide excellent care coordination, and thus are able to offer better and higher-quality care. Despite these successes, the current Medicare reimbursement structure doesn’t reward integrated providers like Group Health and Providence. I will work to change that reimbursement structure so that we no longer penalize preventive and quality care.

Project 2020: Building on the Promise of Home and Community-Based Services -- My proposal is also designed to fix a deficiency in current law that prevents people from accessing long-term care information or services until they have spent their entire life savings, and become poor enough to qualify for Medicaid. By this time, it is often too late to provide cost-effective home care, and people end up in nursing homes, where all too often they spend the rest of their lives.

I want to ensure that people have the resources they need to pay for the services and support they need to stay in their own homes and communities, without being forced to spend down their life savings. This investment will save money over the long term and significantly improve access to care.

Home and Community Balancing Incentives -- The final piece of my MEDIC Act reforms state long-term care systems. By offering an enhanced federal Medicaid matching rate to states that are willing to implement programs geared at promoting home and community based services, we can help seniors stay out of nursing homes and enable them to access quality, individualized home- and community-based care.

As you can see, I am focused on three key aspects of reform: updating Medicare’s pay structure so that it rewards quality of care, not quantity of care, as in the current structure; expanding and improving long-term care services and programs to provide patients with options and alternatives to nursing homes; and, increasing the number of practicing primary care physicians to ensure coordinated care for patients.

Our state has been at the forefront of efforts to lower health care cost and improve care. Over the next few weeks, I will work to share our successes and include our innovative ideas in upcoming health care reform legislation so that we can develop similar models nationwide to ensure that every American is eligible for high-quality, affordable health care.

I've made several calls to her offices during the past weeks, and I've yet to get a straight answer as to where she stands on the issue of a public option for healthcare. She can't seem to screw up the courage to back Bernie Sanders on single payer, and she can't seem to admit to backing Kent Conrad's sham of an option either. However, she can come up with a bill that has nothing to do with the real problem: Making healthcare affordable and available for all.

I say, "Once again," because back when Jim Webb introduced his bill to restore the benfits to veterans that were taken away by Reagan, Bush and Bush, I called Cantwell's offices and was asked if I'd heard of her bill. Not an amendment to Webb's bill, but a stand alone bill that took away all sunset provisions on GI Bill benefits. Of course it would have been nice if there were beefits to use, but... She restored nothing, granted nothing new, just gave them their remaining lifetime to use what they didn't have.

I'm beginning to wonder if this is her way of hiding: Create a smoke screen and hope that when her bill dies, she can vote against the public good and no one will notice..? ??? There's nothing "wrong" with her MEDIC Bill; it would go nicely as an amendment to a single payer bill. There was nothing "wrong" with her GI Bill; it would have made a nice amendment to Webb's Bill (which if you remember, could only get passed as a rider to a War to Enrich Halliburton funding bill). They just miss the true mark by a mile. They both totally fail to address the true problem.

Add these to her vote to invade Iraq, sending soldiers to die for nothing, and her continued failure to admit to the fact of and magnitude of her fuck up... Why do we keep electing her? Who does she represent? I think we need to ask ourselves:

What's Darcy Burner doing in 2012? ???

Sunday, June 21, 2009


A mainstream-medianite states the obvious:
The opposition's (refuckyoucan's) position says, "We can't have government bureaucrats getting in between you and your doctor," when right now we have insurance agents in between you and your doctor. When do you go to a doctor and not hear what your insurance company will or won't allow?
Cokie Roberts on Stuffalupugus

What the fuck took so long...? ???

and Robert Reich
There is no money in the hands of consumers, so there will be no business investment because there are no customers. (DUHHH!!!! People need jobs) So without that flow of money, money must come from the government which creates deficits. Keynesian Economics 101.

Read up on 1931,32 and Hoover's attempt to follow the present refuckyoucan/conservatard notion of balancing the budget.

Is this Obvious Day, not Father's Day? or are the concepts synonymous? or did someone come out with a memo to counter the "No Facts Allowed" rule on network news. I had to leave the tube for a moment; I couldn't handle the bombardment of truth. TWO facts in ONE show? ???

don't pinch and wake me.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Greetings from Vacationland w/ Good Morning Update:

A Junky is a junky, vacationing or not. So... A couple of quick Qs:

For all these DC dumbasses bitching and whining about how the poor insurance syndicates can't survive against a government option or single payer care, this would be because of the inherent efficiency of private enterprise? ???

And for all the DC dumbasses bitching and whining about how innefficient and poorly run a government program would be, Please name for us the private insurance carrier you use. Since after all you would want your health in the hands of the BEST care system the world has ever seen. right? ???

Speaking of which...

For all you DC dumbasses bitching and whining about the imminent destruction of the finest healthcare system the world has ever seen, Why is it that no other industrialized/civilized nation in the world is trying to emmulate us? Am I missing one? What nation out there is fighting the good fight to provide privatized care because of the demands of a grass roots movement? Finally...

For all you DC dumbasses bitching and whining about tax dollars actually going places and doing things that will actually provide real services to real people, little people, people who actually pay taxes... Why don't you just shut the fuck up and let some adults with progressive ie useful ideas take over for a while. Dumbasses.

UPDATE: And see that banner right over there? (till the next post pushes this out of the way) Here's another reason why it's still there.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Party of...

I was about to write about the "Party of No," morphing into the "Party of Slow," in regard to their whining and crying about being rushed to confirm Judge Sonya, but then there's the "Party of Jello," as in the continuing saga of the party in search of(?) a spine: The Democrats and their lack of a stand on health care.

I give Ed Schultze credit for his introductory rant and rave to open his radio show yesterday. I've been pissed in the past at Ed for being a Bush-Toady like Obama water carrier. I will never forgive Obama for helping to pass the Freedom Is Superfluous Act, and I get sicker by the day as Obama continues to further trash the Constitution, in grand Bush fashion, by helping to whitewash Bush's torture regime. Ed gave Obama a free pass in the first case, and a couple of weeks ago, I called him on the carpet for continuing to do so.

Apparently I wasn't the only one pissed at Ed; yesterday he knocked it out of the park. In a nutshell: Grow a pair Dems. You're the MAJORITY. Act like it. Do what you were elected to do. If the refuckyoucans want to obstruct, make them go all the way. Make them filibuster. And not just for one night. Make them show their true colors. Act like you represent the American people for once.

I know Ed feels in part that there's no point in trashing Obama, since the refucks are already all too ready, willing, able and happy to do so. But we're not Refucks. We're better than them. We have principles. Unlike them, we'd rather DO good, than look good. We'd rather DO right than appear right. Or at least that's how I believe it should be.

I don't know where you can go to hear his rant, but it's got to be out there in a podcast or some such thing. It's well worth a listen.

Put that in line with Thom Hartmann today. A little more calm and subdued, but no less urgent: Call your Senators and Representative and let them know your preference for a single payer healthcare option. I did so, and I'll write up the results in the morning. I was NOT totally pleased.

You know, If you're not insured through your employer, and you need a coronary bypass or some such procedure, assuming you don't plan to roll over and die, you have three options:
1) Spend the rest of your life in debt
2) Go bankrupt*
3) Commit a crime and go to prison where health care is provided.
*Oooopppsss.... can't do that any more. Not since our Obama's vice preznit got together with Bill Frist to take care of the Frist family's Hospital Corporation of America through "reform." They left us the prison option. And homelessness. So sweet of them. So... My calls...

First I called Jim McDermott. Good old Bagdad Jim. (and I use that as a term of endearment) According to his aid, he's been in favor of Single payer since... I forget the year. 93...?

Next up was Patty Murray. She's in favor of the "public option." According to her aid, she can't/won't back single payer because there isn't the backing necessary to pass it. 'scusa me... The way something gets the backing it needs to pass is by people backing it. It gets lonely out there in the lead sometimes. You're not a rookie Ms Murray. This is your third term. Lead. Secondly, the public option is a compromise position. You don't start the negotiations at the compromise. That's where you end up. You start by shooting for the moon.

And finally, Maria Cantwell: No position as yet. WTF? ?...but as she's a member of the Senate finance committee..." The Committee chaired by Max Baucus? Yes. Who didn't include anyone representing single payer insurance to the hearings on reform? Yes. The one who had defenders of single payer insurance arrested? Uhhhhh... Has she voiced an opinion, issued a statement on those arrests? Uhhhhh...

and she has no opinion. Way to go Ms Maria. I really wish we could get rid of you.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


OK. Here's the deal:

They hate her, because Obama picked her.

Fucker never learns either. He bends over backwards to try to meet these assholes in the center and they still fling shit at him.

Who was the C'tard on the Judiciary Committee who walked out of the hearings on Roberts/Scalito after saying that the issue of SCOTUS appointments was settled when Dubya stole his election(s)?

Of course we know the things Refuckyoucans say, don't apply to them.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our Ever Further Journeying to Banana Republicanism

GM.... Chrysler... the ripple effect that will tear the guts out of our whole economy.

Everything is right on schedule.

You didn't still believe there was ever any intent to save anyone other than the investor class...? Come on.

I'm not forgetting the loans to these companies. They were a part of this. But the efforts were never about saving jobs or workers or retirees. It was all about breaking unions and well... collateral damage/shit happens. PLant closings... job losses... wages cut... benefits cut...

Now what was this I was hearing about the recession ending? ???

Bull shit.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Read This:

Right here. Right now. All the way to the end.

It says it all.

Cheney responds. Again.

Friday, May 15, 2009

O'Donnell vs the Scar

Or reason vs assholidity. And while we're at it, throw in Big Orange: The Boehner. (and remember: when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking)

Lawrence had to go back to 1984 and Barry Goldwater to try to come up with someone crazy enough with enough conservative credibility to counteract ...

Ahhh.... The Scar is a "Burkian Conservative." He believes in restoring social order. Now how do you restore/keep order? Small government? No government? Privatization of...? anyway...

O'Donnell brings up Goldwater, because Goldwater ALSO accused the CIA of lying to him over aspects of the Reagan-HWBush Iran-Contra affair: the mining of Nicarauguan harbors. Of course because there's a Democrat making accusations, all of a sudden the CIA is a bastion of truth and honesty (Orwellian style?), and Goldwater by 1984 was no longer a true conservative.

David Gregory -- water carrier for corporations, corruption and conservatards, "This is not where the White House wants to go. No one comes away clean."

I am NO fan of Nancy Pelosi. If she lies, throw her to the wolves with the rest of the war criminals, but NONE of this is the heart of the matter as Mika says. The heart of the matter is this:

by WHOM and WHEN was water boarding/torture ordered?

Try them

Convict them.

Sentence them.

If there are no investigations, if there are no prosecutions -- and I do not mean "truth commissions" -- the fate of this country will be sealed. Our reputation cast in stone.

How was this country put on the level of Nazi Germany, Pol Pot's Cambodia, Nicaraugua under the death squads, Argentina with "the Desaparecidos."

What makes us better than the Taliban? Than al Qaida? What? ???

I've gotten compliments and comments over time regarding my blog title. Countries go through all sorts of ages/times: The Gilded age, the Age of Enlightenment. This country, right now IS in the midst of the Great Endarkenment. The regime of George Dubya Bush, and his criminal henchmen have literally turned out the lights of intellect and reason. They have neutralized this nation's moral compass. They have turned one of the greatest documents of all time, the Constitution, into toilet paper, and the government it once defined into a Banana Republic.

If we had Bananas.