Friday, May 15, 2009

O'Donnell vs the Scar

Or reason vs assholidity. And while we're at it, throw in Big Orange: The Boehner. (and remember: when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking)

Lawrence had to go back to 1984 and Barry Goldwater to try to come up with someone crazy enough with enough conservative credibility to counteract ...

Ahhh.... The Scar is a "Burkian Conservative." He believes in restoring social order. Now how do you restore/keep order? Small government? No government? Privatization of...? anyway...

O'Donnell brings up Goldwater, because Goldwater ALSO accused the CIA of lying to him over aspects of the Reagan-HWBush Iran-Contra affair: the mining of Nicarauguan harbors. Of course because there's a Democrat making accusations, all of a sudden the CIA is a bastion of truth and honesty (Orwellian style?), and Goldwater by 1984 was no longer a true conservative.

David Gregory -- water carrier for corporations, corruption and conservatards, "This is not where the White House wants to go. No one comes away clean."

I am NO fan of Nancy Pelosi. If she lies, throw her to the wolves with the rest of the war criminals, but NONE of this is the heart of the matter as Mika says. The heart of the matter is this:

by WHOM and WHEN was water boarding/torture ordered?

Try them

Convict them.

Sentence them.

If there are no investigations, if there are no prosecutions -- and I do not mean "truth commissions" -- the fate of this country will be sealed. Our reputation cast in stone.

How was this country put on the level of Nazi Germany, Pol Pot's Cambodia, Nicaraugua under the death squads, Argentina with "the Desaparecidos."

What makes us better than the Taliban? Than al Qaida? What? ???

I've gotten compliments and comments over time regarding my blog title. Countries go through all sorts of ages/times: The Gilded age, the Age of Enlightenment. This country, right now IS in the midst of the Great Endarkenment. The regime of George Dubya Bush, and his criminal henchmen have literally turned out the lights of intellect and reason. They have neutralized this nation's moral compass. They have turned one of the greatest documents of all time, the Constitution, into toilet paper, and the government it once defined into a Banana Republic.

If we had Bananas.


nunya said...

Who do you think trained and paid the death squads in Nicaragua?

Hell we strung Stalin along for almost three years during WWII. Fucker did the heavy lifting and took the heavy losses for Britain and the US because we promised to help him after the Nazis turned on him.

Chris in Seattle said...

Yeah we did. I know that; you know that; probably everyone who reads this blog knows that. So I guess the questions are essentially rhetorical. We're not even making the effort to keep up an illusion of... Can't think of the word. Damn.

These fucktards are proud of the shit they've dumped us in and our newfound third-worldliness.