Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Supposedly The Seattle Times isn't far behind.

Yeah, I know, I can get all the news I want online , but I still like to have a hard copy paper. There are still an awful lot of people who have no online access (or digital cable access), through no fault of their own. Start waving goodbye to the notion of an informed electorate.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I missed "That One" McShame talking about "putting away childish things." Just another episode in refucks attacking their opponents' strengths from their own weakness. All in an average day for Faux Noise.

The Panel of experts: "The repukelican party doesn't have a leader right now, and doesn't need one." Oh really? Juan Williams doesn't see any great ideas coming from smart leaders in the refuckyoucan party. Bloodlust Billy thinks he needs to get out more. Hmmm... and... attend CPAC? and listen to Rush? that 13 year old kid?

27 yr old Aaron Shock (ref Ill)? I wonder how he'll vote on Dubya's wars? On sending kids his age to go die for nothing? Ooops... not "nothing." for KBR, Halliburton, Parsons, Bechtel, Exxon, BP...

While the wife and I still have jobs.... before we have to go fight the MASSES... we're off to go for breakfast.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Trickle Up: People Need JOBS

As I continue to stew over the to bail or not to bail debates and the shovelling of our dollars into the gaping maws of too-big-to-fail fraud farms and factories, ie investment banks, something put the Lincoln quote about labor and capitol in my head. Lincoln talked about the "superiority of labor to capital" in his "non SOTU address" to congress in 1861. I've always wondered about the context -- isn't that always what we liberals fail to understand ot acknowledge? we always take the stupid fucking things said by stupid fucking people like Palin, McCain, Limplog, Vannity et al out of context.

So here's the famous Lincoln quote "in context:"

... Monarchy itself is sometimes hinted at as a possible refuge from the power of the people.

In my present position I could scarcely be justified were I to omit raising a warning voice against this approach of returning despotism.

It is not needed nor fitting here that a general argument should be made in favor of popular institutions, but there is one point, with its connections, not so hackneyed as most others, to which I ask a brief attention. It is the effort to place capital on an equal footing with, if not above, labor in the structure of government. It is assumed that labor is available only in connection with capital; that nobody labors unless somebody else, owning capital, somehow by the use of it induces him to labor. This assumed, it is next considered whether it is best that capital shall hire laborers, and thus induce them to work by their own consent, or buy them and drive them to it without their consent. Having proceeded so far, it is naturally concluded that all laborers are either hired laborers or what we call slaves. And further, it is assumed that whoever is once a hired laborer is fixed in that condition for life.

Now there is no such relation between capital and labor as assumed, nor is there any such thing as a free man being fixed for life in the condition of a hired laborer. Both these assumptions are false, and all inferences from them are groundless.

Labor is prior to and independent of capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration. Capital has its rights, which are as worthy of protection as any other rights. Nor is it denied that there is, and probably always will be, a relation between labor and capital producing mutual benefits. The error is in assuming that the whole labor of community exists within that relation.

Think of all that in the context of today's impending Refuckyoucan Depression II.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Why Should Rich People Pay More in Taxes?

I was thinking about this the past few days, and for a while I thought it would be difficult to explain.
Then I realized it was as plain as the undersized nose on my face:

Because they use more.

Both as individuals and as small business people. If this is a little hard to wrap your head around, just spend some time thinking on it. Perhaps approach it from the other end and figure out who, if anyone, should pay NO taxes.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I remember when this happened:

h/t American Drumslinger (definitely a NSFW website)

Sunday Surfing of the Inter Tubes (and before I forget)

Cuzz the internet's not like a big truck, right?

You betcha Mr Teddy Hulk.

Lotsa talk all week about CPAP. No wait... that's the crap I wear for my sleep apnea. Although it could fit I suppose: Conservatard Political Activist Punks. CPAC...

Don't sit on your laurels folks. These assholes aren't going into the sunset quietly. or otherwise. The Conservatard mind is... A terrible thing to waste. On the one hand we could sit here and make fun of them for Still making a way and a place for not-Joe the un-Plumber. I mean it IS hard to take a movement seriously when they put Piyush at the forefront, but they've reinvented / resurrected themselves in the past. They're working at doing it again.

And if they can't do that successfully, or even if they can, just for fun they'll recaste Obama as a socialist, just in case they still can't make their non-citizen smears stick.

I thought the other day that I heard someone play a clip where The Boner equated Obama's budget proposal with Bush's. Don't forget Reagan, Dude. The records that Dubya broke, were his, remember? May or may not have been, but I did catch a youtubie where he talks about the refucks becoming the party of "New Solutions." Like the ones he talks about here?

Tax cuts... New and improved? ??? What everrrrrr

Newtie of the Blowhards reeeeeally took it up several notches when he re-birthed himself as a Bush Opposer. NOW all the bailout/rescue/economic packages of the final days of the Bush misAdministration are "Bush-Obama" failures. Apparently, Newt doesn't believe there should only be one president at a time.

Soooo..... Wow.

Did Newt bitch when virtually no one read the Patriot Act? Did he bitch about Denny Hastert's "private" plane? Did he bitch about ANYTHING bush did at the time Bush did it? And what did he have to say about Dick Cheney's statement, "Reagan taught us deficits don't matter?" And all the talk about putting more debt on the backs of our kids... who among them were so concerned when Dubya planned to "borrow the money" needed to finance his dismantling of Social Security? Besides Ron Paul. who votes against EVERY spending measure. and who isn't really refuckyoucan party member anyway.

I guess they only matter when Democrats are in the White House.

Juan Williams: HOly Shit. He's speaking sensibly. On Faux News? ??? Can't find Snuffulopolous this morning; miss my George Dubya F Will cliche fix. Anywayyyyyy......

Kinda fascinating to watch the Bush rubberstampers succumb to what do they call it...? BDS? Bush Deraingment Syndrome? ???

And before I forget: Rush Limplog spoke/ranted yesterday. Rumor has it he's a little slow on throwing Dubya under the bus.