Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our Ever Further Journeying to Banana Republicanism

GM.... Chrysler... the ripple effect that will tear the guts out of our whole economy.

Everything is right on schedule.

You didn't still believe there was ever any intent to save anyone other than the investor class...? Come on.

I'm not forgetting the loans to these companies. They were a part of this. But the efforts were never about saving jobs or workers or retirees. It was all about breaking unions and well... collateral damage/shit happens. PLant closings... job losses... wages cut... benefits cut...

Now what was this I was hearing about the recession ending? ???

Bull shit.

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Anonymous said...

i couldn't agree with you more about the breaking the backs of the unions. thanks for your perspective, as i am another pissed off working class liberal working in a very conservative environment. i am not a part of a union, but to hear how people think that these bankruptcies are due to overcompensated union workers, makes me irate. these people still make product. these people do as they are told. they do not make millions to make piss poor decisions. i could go on and on...
anyways, keep up the good posts.