Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jack and Squat,,,

I think they were already in place...:

He's right: I'm pissed.

One of the things the Wrong Wing doesn't understand, or.... maybe they understand, but they don't apply to themselves is self-criticism. Remember, the loyalty oaths? The "free speech zones?" The St Paul Police Dept's pre-emptive raids against "suspected" protesters? Holy Joe's quote:
To those who would criticize our president in time of war, we do so at our nation's peril.
Noooo... critics allowed. Get behind your commander in chief. March off that cliff behind him like good little lemmengs. OK, so no one on the dark side really made that last statement. in public. that I know of. But the sentiment is there.

I remember George F Will, the "Giant of Conservative Thought," (and epitome of contradiction in terms) once said something like, "We on the right understand that it's the job of government to protect the borders and deliver the mail," and ignore "promoting the general welfare," but I digress...

We on the left understand that it is the DUTY of the people, and press, and tv pundits... to criticize our president, refuckyoucan or Democrat, because that is what keeps government on the right, as in "correct," path. So Yes, I WILL criticize Obama for his total pandering to the party that wishes for nothing but his failure, and the ensuing disaster and destruction, otherwise known as the return to conservative values and standards.

It's no secret that I despised George W Bush and all for which he stood; on the days when my feelings toward him were more positive, that is. I never "hoped for" his failure; I knew he would fail, but I never hoped for it. Everything he did was wrong; bad for the country; the environment; the economy; the world. He touched gold and it turned to shit. But one thing I will say about Dubya:

When it came to getting shit done, he got it done.

Summbitch had NO qualms whatsoever in getting up in front of his hand picked, loyalty oathed, crowds and totally shaming Congress into doing his bidding. Whether it was passing tax cuts to bankrupt the treasury, starting a war against a country that never attacked us, funneling Billions to contractors for non-existent work, more billions to pharmaceutical companies for over priced drugs... if it was a sweetheart deal for corporations, and a shitty deal for working/middle class people, he got it done.

What is Obama's fucking problem? ???

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