Monday, November 30, 2009

I Blew in Your Ear

Gonna follow me anywhere?

Anybody knows to what that refers... the origins thereof... not sure what you'll win. Anyyyy wayyyy

If you happened to be listening to the NorMan GoldMan radio show tonight, you may have heard me. Twas I who addressed the issue of Mike Huckabee's role/responsibility in the aftermath of the executions of four Lakewood, WA Police officers.

If Huckabee is any kind of a man at all, he will admit he fucked up. He will admit that if it was Maurice Clemmons who shot the officers, had he not been granted a commutation and then released from prison, these officers will still be alive. He will not say he's sorry; he will ask forgiveness. And there is a difference; a HUGE difference.

He may have had what he thought were good reasons at the time; I can accept that. He could not know the future; I realize that. Never the less, HE freed the man. HE made this possible.

Any weasling, any waffling, any attempts to deflect or duck responsibility, and Huckabee will take a place at Dubya's right hand as a target of my contempt and derision. not a place of honor to say the least.

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