Friday, November 27, 2009

Dear Senator Sanders,

Senator Sanders,

I just finished taking your survey, and I have some issues. I know that just like multiple choice tests, multiple choice surveys are difficult to construct: the answers provided often do not adequately apply to or express the respondents' situations.

I have had good health insurance for the past 12 years. The price has kept going up, but I have had no issues with its coverage. I understand it will be classified as a "Cadillac Plan," which is a GROSS mischaracterization. It is neither luxurious nor extravagant. I still pay copays; many things are covered at percentages; it includes lifetime caps, but has to now -- we just changed from Washington Employers Trust, to Cigna -- covered pre-existing conditions. I pay $60.28, twice a month which is %20 of the cost, and that includes dental and vision as well as medical, for a total cost of $7234.80/year, FOR MYSELF.

Now under the Baucus Caucus / Gang of Six proposal, my employer would be FINED, because he treats me too well. He gives me crappier coverage, he no longer pays the FINE. Further, the "funding" to provide for whatever public option there might be goes away, which is a recipe for disaster, which as anyone knows is exactly what the Reaganite Republicans want: Government HAS to be a problem; it CANNOT be a solution. You already know that.

I WANT reform, but not THIS reform. In theory, my coverage will remain relatively unaffected, but if my boss gets selfish or offended or simply cannot afford the imposed FINES, my coverage will get worse. It's like passing a highway bill that assures every city will have a bridge that will fall down.

In theory, I agree with a public option, and the idea that "if you like what you have, you can keep it," but what's not being said is that if you don't like what you have -- can we say Walmart? -- you are F*cked.

In theory, I approve of the expansion of Medicaid, but since that is a mandate to states, who are going broke, I disapprove.

Now I TOTALLY disapprove of the "Opt-out" provisions which put unfortunate people at the mercy of morons like Rick Perry and Mark Sanford and the Democratic candidate who lost in VA while promising he would opt out. I TOTALLY disapprove of allowing insurance companies to sell across state lines. True, this would initially lower costs, while the big boys slash prices to squeeze out little guys, but in the end it will create companies that are too big to fail. Just like banking deregulation. I TOTALLY disapprove of Republican ideas of tort reform, since they take away our right to a day in court in many cases merely to force insurers to do what we pay them to do.

I WANT reform, but not THIS reform. I agree with you and Thom Hartmann and Dennis Kucinich and Jim McDermott and others (who I wish would form a third party that actually represents People not corporations): Single payer/Medicare Part E.

Chris Harmatta


Anonymous said...

My letter is better than yours.

A government that allows insurance companies to maximize profits by stonewalling patients until they die has no business criticizing terrorists for killing people.

Chris in Seattle said...

Mine's bigger. That makes it better.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you wrote, it's factual and any reform now will tie the governments hands behind their backs to allow corporations to make profits off killing sick people. It's become a huge business. I can't help but think that the only solution is to put everyone on Medicare. Issue those health cards like they have in France and go digital. Then everyone pays something and if the unemployed have no money the government meets the premium. Any other way just makes each of us a party to murder for profit.

Chris in Seattle said...

Nothing in life is too simple to be fucked up by politicians. I keep waiting, hoping, wondering, when Obama's going to realize that bi-partisanship is every bit as real as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Reason doesn't exist on the other side of the aisle.