Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Siren Song of White Trash

Sooo.... I was listening to Ron Reagan here on AM1090, and someone compared Sarah Palin to his dad.

Ooops. Ron no likey.

So I AM embarrassed by the fact that I voted for RR twice, but on an empirical level I have to agree with Ron that the two are nothing alike. Besides the rack, gender, m_lfishness ( No.... I wouldn't like to)... Intellectually there is no comparison. Yeah, Reagan had that "folksy" persona that the refucks have tried to make their brand, and butchered it in the process, but I don't remember Reagan ever showing pride in his ignorance. But I digress....

One point Ron made while objecting to the caller was that his dad wrote his own speeches, and expressed some serious doubt in Palin's ability to do so. I listened to that and thought, "Whoa! You just insulted the fuck out of every speechwriter past, present and future. Who the fuck would ever admit to writing that unintelligible mish-mash of gibberish and buffooonery?" That shit made her answers to Katie Couric look like they belong in "Great Moments of Genius."

BTW... Hannity owes me dinner. Yes I tuned in to his show the other night. He still lives in his own little country: Hannity's America." It sure ain't mine. I was amazed as he sat there looking so.... dumbfounded I suppose as he defended Palin. He actually tried to say she made sense. On the other hand he couldn't say how. Then he went after Obama, real surprise there, trying to say there was no difference between Palin's quitting and Obama's run for president. (of course there was no mention of McCain's run) And then he went on to wonder why no one critized Jante Napolitano or Kathleen Sabelius, or Tammy Duckworth or... who quit to take OTHER JOBS. Serving the country.

Clearly "Hannity's America" is a figment of someone's imagination. Just as Palin's notion of her being a fighter and a champion and a leader and... anything but a quitter and a fraud. What the hell are the 70% of refuckyoucans who say they would vote for her for president thinking? ??? What's Hannity thinking when he puts on his most sincere expresson and says that he would feel more confident with Palin sitting across from Putin than Obama? ???

Mind boggling, all. And her point guard analogy? Passing the ball?

Because you can't make the outside shot? Because you can't drive for the lay up? Because if you draw the foul, you can't make the free throws?

Winners want the ball. End of story.

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Chris in Seattle said...

That's why you can only have so many stars on a team before they all start fighting each other more than their opponents. I was looking for a clip of the scene from the movie "The Replacements," Where Gene Hackman chews on Keanu Reaves for not taking the game in his hands, but couldn't find it.

Besides being insane, this woman rewrites the definition of "attention whore."