Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Walmart's Change of Heart

So WallyWorld suddenly becomes concerned about their employees' well being? After years of keeping workers just shy of full time to avoid benefits? After years of forcing workers into flex time arrangements rather than pay them overtime? Now they back a federal mandate requiring that they (among others) carry employee health insurance...? ???

Will that same mandate end their practice of denying workers' full time status?

Ohhhh.... Monica Crowley: The republican party has free market principles to reform health care. Fuck me up the ass with a tazer. Again. More fucktardulous asswipery from the douchenozzulous conservadips.

Anyway... Walmart, those free market grand champeeens, who want you to save money so you can live better... by buying Chinese made SHIT... that poisons your kids and your pets and is made by slaves, prisoners and children... at the expense of lakes, rivers, the sky and all things that live... I assure you, are NOT going to do anything that benefits their employees without it benefiting their corporate balance sheet MORE. and here's how it'll be done:

They will continue to escape whatever mandate there may be -- since their lobbyists will help write it, including the required loopholes -- by whatever means neccesary: Denial of hours, lay offs... While other businesses ie "small," 'family," that cannot absorb the legal costs from being sued, will fold under the crushing insurance costs that will continue to skyrocket.

Walmart's saying the right words. They sound nice and warm and fuzzy, like they're going to give the poor and downtrodden -- that they've helped create and maintain -- this wonderful gift all from the goodness of the heart they've finally grown. Riiiight.

It's called delayed gratification. Investing. The magic of it all is that they're convincing people that they're investing in workers. Fat chance. This is ALL for their own gratification.

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