Thursday, July 23, 2009


"If we're able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him"

If anyone ever wondered where, how, why I use the term "refuckyoucan" to refer to the minority party, there you have it. Jim Demint (R - SC) (that's refuckyoucan, representing the second century) sums it up nicely.

He and his ilk do NOT represent you, me, us; they represent themselves. This battle over health care reform is NOT about... anything. It's not about principal. It's personal. They win, Obama loses. They win, Nancy Pelosi loses. They win, the Dems lose.

They win, they win. What else matters? Nothing. No one.

It's all about them. And it has been ever since.... the Reconstruction?

Don't tell me about "tax and spend liberals." Not when those bastards pass tax cuts, while they increase spending on useless wars and toys. Not when the taxes we do pay go to subsidize their corporate pimp donors.

ALL of their arguments, every last one of them, are bull shit fueled lies. Rationing? That's an undefined catch phrase based on.... ? Wait lines? There are 47 MILLION who would LOVE to be able to get a snill of a line. Denial of services? Where is the profit in providing service? Bureaucrats in between you and your doctor? That would be..... insurance company bean counters who have to approve the procudure your doctor recommends..? That make you wait for the root canal your dentist recomends? Because....?

And the one I LOVE: This bill does nothing to contain/reduce costs.

When you listen to these asswipulous wads of fuck talk about saving money, just remember... These mother fuckers passed the Medicare prescription drug program that FORBIDS the government from negotiating LOWER drug prices. And their phoney-cowboy squatter threatened a VETO when Nancy Pelosi annouces she wanted to repeal that provision (not that I forgive her for spinelessly giving in and not forcing his hand)

We have a LAW on the books that MANDATES over spending. A conservatard driven, refuckyoucan fueled, lobbyist written LAW, that MANDATES waste. Bullshitiousness and douchebaggery at their best. A crockshitulous LAW that forbids government saving.

And liberals are the bad guys?

Give my tazer fucked ass a break.

Dear Dems,

Grow some fucking spines, ignore these walking talking laundry stains come to life and GET THIS DONE!!!!!! Do you hear me Maria Cantwell? Ms Lame Duck Senator.

With that, I take my rage-fueled brain freeze camping.

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Anonymous said...

The Republicans control Congress and you best get used to it. This party of his O-ness ain't going nowhere. So talk the talk all you want but those people only do what the lobbies tell them to do on both sides of the ailes. Mark my words, we have a do nothing Congress and there's nothing that will get them off the pot. Obama is looking more and more like Jimmy Carter every day and the Republicans love it.