Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What a Moron

Katy Abram from Lebanon, PA. I watched your positions get totally deconstructed by Lawrence O'Donnell on Hardball. It was SO Obvious you had NO idea what you were talking about. When I hear people parrot republican talking points in defense of the Rightwing Insurance Industry Profit Protection Plan to Assure Social Stratification -- RIIPPP ASS -- I don't feel pity or compassion as I might for someone who's been duped.

I watched the old man from the same meeting, the one who talked about god judging Spector, during a portion of his appearance on Scarborough. I could almost feel sorry for that guy. As confused, and quite frankly not-quite-all-thereish as he sounded, he at least sounded sincere. I felt like the right wing power brokers were taking advantage of him.

You... you want the country to get back to what the founders intended, yet you can't or won't say what that means. Repeal Medicare? Repeal Social Security? Things are happening too fast? How long should they take? What should be put on the back burner? (in all fairness, Scarborough couldn't answer this one either, when Courtney Hazlett interviewed him and asked him 3 times: "Obama just won't make the hard choices.")

When you talk, Dear, Please have an idea in your head. Preferably an original one. And leave the silly girl giggles and the "I'd rather not say"s at home. They're not cute. They make you look and sound like an attention whore. But hey...

You helped get Lebanon, one of the most backward locales in the universe, a few minutes of fame/infamy.

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