Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Piss Hole is a Piss Hole is a Piss Hole

Gas tax holiday. Can I hear a "What the Fuck?"

This is very typical of refuckyoucan who never encountered a problem that couldn't be solved by denying it funds. They never encountered a vote that they didn't believe could be bought by the empty promises of pots of gold at the ends of rainbows, i.e. tax cuts.

McShitstain's coming up with this bull shit idea doesn't surprise me in the least. Bread. Circuses will be next. The price of gas is NOT going down. Face it. It just fucking IS NOT !!! So lopping off 18 cents today, won't do diddly. Oh... and just who the fuck do you think is going to champion the vote to end this gas tax "holiday?" Which his Heinousness couldn't sign or veto to begin with. OK

So boys will be boys and morons will be morons, but what about Ms Hills? ???

She wants the same fucking idiocy. But she's going to institute a wind-fall-profits tax against the oil companies. And some fairy's going to come by and put extra lead in my pencil so I can put an extra wide smile on the old lady's face. Uh huh.

She should have sense enough to know that someone out here in the real world will have sense enough to know that she has no more power to bring any of this into being than the garden slug I chopped up while mowing my lawn tonight. (the lawn at my new house; we moved; which is why I haven't been around) She ain't the prez for this summer, so all she says about this shit is just more McCainiacal bulls shit smoke blowing up our asses.

Barry's the only one talking anything that resembles common sense; Gramps and the Grinch are just pandering. As the price goes up, that 18 cents you might get will at best buy you one fucking tankfull/ 20 gallons. I started a note book last night to figure it out for my '68 'stang. In the mean fucking time...

While we sit in our wet spots waiting for $40 or so, the federal highway fund stands to lose about $10 BILLION. That buys a lot. Like a Minneapolis bridge that collapsed. Like a Seattle viaduct that could at any time.

Provides a lot of Jobs too.

Anyone remember what jobs were?

They're what we used to have here before refuckyoucan policies made it profitable to send them to India and China.

Even an elephant piss hole is still a piss hole. Bigger maybe, but still just a piss hole.

And people are still willing to listen to these morons and vote in support of their delusions.

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Chris in Seattle said...

Haaaa... I just got done with a post about Hillary's insulting the Country's intelligence.