Saturday, March 26, 2011

Remember CNN's Tea Bagger Express?

Where were they? The "Save America Convention." Whoooo heeee...

300 people. WOW. Some grass roots movement there. This is why I don't use the term "Tea Party." It's NOT a party, and doesn't deserve the respect required of that term. It only exists when the Monopolists want it to exist in order to "populize" their objectives, like screwing your kids' teachers so they can get their tax cuts. Or nullifying your election of your city or county councils, or your school board, etc, so a commissar can be appointed at an exorbitant salary to add further indignities to that screwing. All in the name of fairness: Nobody should have anything since I have nothing, and fiscal austerity: We're broke so we need to cut taxes, and shared sacrifice: sharing the space in the culvert you've moved into since you've lost your house.

This isn't conservatism. It's insanity. It's by its very definition Fascism.

File this one next to all those articles about how the Secessionist State, and gubner Hair Club has weathered the recession to the tune of a 20 some billion dollar deficit. Obviously due to their state's workers union contracts and pensions, and... oh wait... they don't have any of that there. Money from that failed federal-overreaching stimulus bailout for unions fund only go so far

Texas Used Stimulus to Cover 97% of Its Deficit

I guess.

Damned liberal bias of that corporate owned media...

Outlawing unions and collective bargaining.... puts us right in there with North Korea, Myanmar (Burma), Communist China, Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Russia, Mussolini's Italy, among others. Yeah. Right where we want to be. But hey...

At least we won't be Socialist. Big ol thumbs up on that one.

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