Friday, December 10, 2010

Austan Goolsbee...

Report to the principal immediately!

Sorry for the lack of a link, in an interview with Rachel Maddow last night he admitted what we all know already: Obama's extensions of the Billionaire Bailouts will NOT improve the economy and that they are NOT good for the country, but that doesn't matter. It's still a good deal.

Somehow he and/or Obama and his bubblemates believe that in 2012, we will see that they don't work and we will see that they need to be repealed. in some way that isn't evident now? in some way that wasn't evident when they were proposed and passed in 2001 and 2003? or when Reagan passed his.

The utter stupidity of these people amazes me. Their willingness to insult OUR intelligence offends me beyond expression.

Fucker needs to realize we can figure out who he really represents without him officially coming out of the closet.


Anonymous said...

The Rethugs have made him the wimpy President he is perceived even though he's accomplished more than most Presidents. Giving into the rich is nothing compared to Corporate America owning the US Congress. Laws will now be past for them, not us.

Chris in Seattle said...

Maybe some of his wimpyness is perception and a creation of his enemies. On the other hand he really IS to eager to give in and compromise making most of his "accomplishments," watered down mishmashes that only he seems to think are groundbreaking. He's backed off REPEATEDLY from his campaign positions; did he EVER believe them? ??? For all his talk against the SCOTUS decision placing Congress on sale, is he REALLY against it? We KNOW since HE appointed the cat food co-chairs and now that he's proposing his pay roll tax "holiday" that it's HE who wants to gut Social Security and Medi Care every bit as much as he SAYS the regressives do.

I don't hate Obama because of right wing talking points and propaganda. I hate him because of what HE does.