Sunday, January 27, 2008

For Dubya's Festival of Broken English

When ol' Cummander Codpiece gets up tomorrow night to supposedly give us the straight scoop on how the country's doing, remember:

the 935 lies he told about Iraq,
the lies about tax cuts benefiting all Umercins,
the lies about cutting the/HIS deficits in half,
the lies about pursuing those who outed Valerie Plame,
the constant covering up and stonewalling Congress (lying),
the lies about destroyed e-mails,
the lies about torturing innocents,
the lies about listening to his military commanders,
the lies about Iran,
the lies... I haven't mentioned, BUT:

Remember that this guy promised to bring honor and dignity back to the White House. Watch, compare, contrast, and then see if you can keep from laughing (or puking) tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

I am fairly certain that if President Clinton would have had the decency to resign, New President Gore would have been re-elected and most if not all of this mess wouldn't have happened.

Chris in Seattle said...

Never thought of that, but it's a very valid point.

Anonymous said...

That would have been a dangerous precedent, though. "Pour millions of dollars into a relentless effort to smear a president, spread rumors and dig up something, anything from his personal life that we can use against him, and you, too, can hound a president from office."

Then again, when I think how the country and the world would be different today had Gore been in office the last eight years, it's enough to make one weep.

Chris in Seattle said...

I think it's that whole precedent idea that Pelosi's trying to avoid by not impeaching Bush no matter how much he deserves to be.

Dale said...

The main thing I have against Obama is that he has said he does not think Bush should be impeached. I already listed the constitutional violations Bush has committed, and that was with about 2 minutes of research. Obama was supposedly a "Constitutional Law Expert".

Once again, I can't help but wonder who in their right mind believes this man deserves to be in power still. Congress is almost as guilty as he is. They are basically aiding and abetting a fugitive on a daily basis.

Chris in Seattle said...

I know, it's hard to make sense of it all, but in a weird twisted sort of way, by keeping a criminal in office, they seem to be trying to save the integrity of that office. In other words, I think they're trying to keep away from each party routinely impeaching the other party's pres. I think Dub/Rove/Cheney understood this in someway before they got into office, and thus they knew they could trample the constitution in ways that make Nixon look like a rank amateur with absolutely no consequences.

The other thing to is that there just aren't the votes in the Senate to actually throw the fucker out, so what would be the point of the House conducting a trial...?

None of that was/is meant to say that I agree that Bush should not be impeached, removed, as well as jailed. His crimes are many.