Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bill O'Lielly Humanitarian (with update)

Billy the Bully is at it again. As if he ever stops.

Anyone with their head out of the sand, or their ass, knows this country has a MAJOR problem with veterans' care. Further, anyone with their head out of the sand, or their ass, knows this problem gets worse with each year of a Refuckyoucan in the White House. Remember Bush'sveto because of the extravagance of a 3.5% over a 3% pay raise for the troops? How he said:

"The problems at Walter Reed were caused by bureaucratic and administrative failures."

when he described the slums and ghettos we call outpatient facilities at Walter Reed? Red tape my ass

Violante stated, "To pay for the Bush Administration’s $1.7 trillion tax reduction plan, the majority leadership and Budget Committee Chairman in the United States House of Representatives are pushing a fiscal year 2004 budget resolution that would drastically slash veterans and other Federal programs. This budget resolution would require reductions in spending on discretionary programs such as veterans’ medical care and would also require the Veterans’ Affairs Committees to report legislation to eliminate or cut mandatory programs such as disability compensation."

you piece of shit.

Which brings me to the latest installment of the Fucks News/Refuck Epic: The Democrats Hate the Troops. I first heard an exchange between Bully Boy and Ed Schultz on Big Ed's Wednesday radio show. After diuscussing the problem of HomelessVets, from Bush War II, as well as other wars, O'Lielly finished up by saying that "...they may be out there but there aren't many of them." He even challenged Ed to find them and let him know about them. Welllll....

As the week went on had had numerous guests, from individual vets, to veterans' advocates, to a film director, to one of the biggest vet advocates of all, Jon Edwards, on Friday. Edwards talks about 200,000 homeless vets. I honestly don't know where he gets his number, but I have to say I'm skeptical about ANY number when it comes to an attempt to count the homeless. Not because of dishonestly, necessarily, but the logistics of getting an accurate count: They move... they have no homes... they hide from authority... and so on. 200,000? The way the rabid foxes attack, I would imagine that's a conservative (Damn it hurts to type that word in this context) estimate.

Of course one would imagine that O'Lielly being made more and more aware of the problem, naturally would come to the rescue and offer some real possibilities for solving the problem, no? Yup. He sure did:

Round 'em all up, and send 'em to live with Jon Edwards.

Gotta love it. Fits right in with every other Refuck mantra and agenda. When there's a problem that you have caused, blame the other guy and/or place the totally responsible for solving the problem through same totally unrealistic process on them. As if somehow this absolves you....?

And you manage to come up with 17% of the population that agrees and thinks the country is on the right track with Dubya's crime lords at the helm...? BTW...

The percentage of adult Americans who think the sun revolves around the earth? EIGHTEEN (18%) PERCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or roughly one in 5. Sharing a six-pack? One of those fuckers doesn't need theirs. Not sure how many believe it's flat, but some definitely do.

I wonder where Mike Fuckabee stands...?


Supporting the troops Refuckyoucan style....?


Anonymous said...

LOL! You remind me of something my mom used to say. "Just because lots of people believe it, doesn't make it right or true."

I'm off now for my Flat Earth Society meeting!

Distributorcap said...

considering one of the leading GOP candidates doesnt believe in evolution ---