Sunday, June 6, 2010


Someone on the tube to contradict torture queen and war crime defender Liz Cheney: Arianna Huffington. I won't go so far as to say that Arianna handed her her twat on a silver platter, but she did confront her with the truth that her dad and his financially illiterate Harvard MBA bearing hero worshiper who spent 8 years trying to act like the actor who acted like he was president, stocked the regulatory agency shelves with hacks and ideologues who had nothing going for them but blindness and loyalty. The end result as Arianna said, "We have in place the regulatory agencies that the Bush-Cheney administration wanted."

I have said and I will continue to say that we can explain this latest oil industry disaster with two words:
Small Government
Yes. It really IS that simple.

For thirty years, the Neo-Conservative party has been driven by the philosophy that "less is more," in terms of government and regulation. As Tea Bagger Queen Sarah Palin puts it: "...the limited role of government..." As living oxymoron, champion of conservative intellect, George F Will puts it, "We conservatives realize that the role of Government is to defend the borders and deliver the mail." As their great patron Saint Ronald the Reagan put it, "I've often (always?) thought the nine most feared words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.' and 'Government isn't the solution to your problems; government IS the problem.'"

And now we see the results.


All because the conservatards got what they wanted: Small Ineffective Government and deregulation

And yet the (their) madness continues. And I'm not just talking about their lying about their own words and records. I expect republicans to lie about their records. it's what they do. It's ALL they can do, since every single thing they've done since Reagen took office has been bad for the country. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong. Certainly the eight years of Bush were the most destructive since the Civil War years -- the magical time to which Ron Paul would like to take us.

NOTHING was Bush's fault. According to the republican faithful. 9-11? Clinton's fault. Well hell, it was so early in Bush's administration. But even after EIGHT years, the financial meltdown and the housing bubble... STILL Clinton's fault. No matter that he'd had eight fucking years to fix things.

Thank you Arianna for FINALLY standing your ground against those two assholes.

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