Monday, July 12, 2010

Neera Tanden? ???

I never heard of her until tonight when she appeared on Chris Matthews. Who.... What a kool-aid sipping, unapologetic Obama boot-licker cheerleader. Obama's done what he campaigned on? You mean beg and grovel at the BeePublicans' feet? Enter negotiations from a position of weakness?

Ed Schultz was right months ago: Obama and his people are full of shit. He's lost his base. And now because he has, he has to take the next step in his pursuit of Dubyism: He has to campaign on fear. Fear that we HAVE to vote for him or those bastards -- and they ARE bastards -- will be back in charge with their horrific, destructive policies national impoverishment through de-industrialization.

Don't blame voters for allowing the refuckyoucans to do just that: Fuck the country for another4, 8, 12.... yrs. Blame yourself Mr Obama, because you didn't stand up for us. You didn't do what we sent you to do. I know the refucks have a 40 seat majority in the Senate. 40 out of 100... that's a majority, right?

You didn't get us universal health care. You gave us watered down insurance care.

You didn't reign in the banksters. You gave us "transparency" of derivatives and credit default swaps and other fraudulent shit that no one understands.

We're still up past our assholes in Iraq and Afghanistan and now we here we will be for another 10 years.

Guantanamo... still open.

Kangaroo courts... still open.

Fuck it... From Saturday Night Live Oct. 3, 2009

What's changed? Oh.... HE, a democrat, wants to kill Social Security now.

Nothing I want to believe in, that's for damn sure.

Barack Obama's best allies for 2012 are the tea baggers. Not to offend cross-dressers, but pantywaist Harry Reid had NO chance to be re-elected until his opponent turned out to be bat-shit insane. maybe the 2012 election will be a similar choice: A craven opportunistic, incompetent phony vs a raving lunatic.

Grow a god damned spine or resign.

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Anonymous said...

good post. and i loved that SNL clip, LOL. But do we really want another C student in the mix, have corporate america tell an asshole what to do for 8 more years? No. Obama just needs to grow up, get some real stuff online. End Irag and Afghanistan. Start being Presidential.