Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Profile in Cowardice

Obama appoints another of his commissions to fuck over America. This time the "object" is to find common ground on the Bush Bailout for Billionaires -- his tax cuts -- and offer a "compromise" provide skirts behind which he can hide.

Does ANY one really believe that there is ANY possibility of ANY other outcome than for these idiotic, irresponsible, economy killing tax cuts to continue? A temporary extension? Two years? Why not just package up the 2012 election right now with a big ass bow on it.

ohh... but the commission is bipartisan. Whoopty fucking do. McMushmouth has come out and said, among other things, that if there's to be any compromise it will have to be on their terms. Where the fuck in that statement is there any room for compromise? ??? "Compromise" to these ass hats means doing things their way. Period.

Obama today: The American people didn't vote for grid lock. (So since they won't move, I'll just have to roll over again and let them plant a great big Cleveland Steamer on me) (<== ht to Lisa/DCup on that one) Stupid mother fucker's the best thing that ever happened to the refucks since... since... ever.

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