Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good Bye Mr Gibbs Updated*

Don't let the door hit your ass on your way out. Why not just go fuck yourself. I'd say, "and the horse you rode in on," but it gets harder each day to tell who's riding what, or who. The Professional Left, my fat hairy ass.

And the Professional Right is...? Ok? ??? Fuck you.

I'm not impressed with your health care reform... Medicare Part D take two. No controls, no constraints, just shovel our hard earned money into their open accounts. Financial reform that ends "too big to fail" by leaving the banks as big as there were, and setting up a fund to give us pennies, at best, on our dollars when their "financial innovations" prove out to be the fraudulent schemes they are. There isn't enough money in the entire world to cover the derivatives and credit default swaps. It all reminds me of what Micheal Pollan called "edible food-like substance." Let's call Obama negotiated products what they are: Marketable Reform-like Substances.

A couple of days ago we heard non-stop outrage over the murders of aid workers in Afghanistan. Today we have a military tribunal -- like the ones Obama was going to revamp -- at Guantanamo -- the place Obama was going to have closed -- come down with a decision... A fifteen year old boy, probably with the belief he was fighting his enemy, accused of throwing a hand grenade into a group of soldiers, killing some. He was presented with a confession that he was told to sign, or face being raped until he bled to death. the confession -- coerced -- was accepted.

I'm not in favor of murder, of anyone, by anyone, but who is the terrorist here? The boy? Or the interrogator? Fuck, I'd sure as hell sign a confession to something I didn't do to avoid that threat.

That is NOT the way our legal system was ever intended to operate. What moral high ground do we have to protest any other nation's outrageous behavior. I'm probably reserving my room at Gitmo by writing this, but that is NOT what I voted for in any election since 2000; certainly not in 2008. "Change we can believe in."

Fuck you, Mr Gibbs.

Notice his derisive reference to Canadian style health care"? ??? Guess what we'll never have a ghost of a chance of having. I'm shocked that Obama didn't fire him for letting that cat out of the bag, but then as another Obama cronie crooned, "Fucking retards. Where else are they going to go?"

Like Lieberman and Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln and Rahm Emanual and... this president is a disgrace to the party he supposedly represents.

*Damn... shoulda known His Rudeness would have beaten me to beating this asshat. What do I expect when I neglect things here. In case anyone's wondering why Obama's standing idly by while his cronies alienate "his base," We liberals, are NOT his base. We were just tools to get him where he is. He agrees with these walking talking post-coital dribblings and their crockshitulous babblings.

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