Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Profiles in Pussage UPDATED

Harry Reid had a chance to be the leader his position as Senate majority leader would seem to demand him to be. And he fucked up the wet dream. Crazy assed whacko, Sharon Angle challenged him to show some common sense and he met her half way to her crazy train. Instead of separating himself from her, by standing up for peoples' rights to worship as they please, he agreed with her that they should not.

I don't understand the whackiness. A "majority leader" who gets his ass handed to him on a regular basis by the minority, and a "constitional law professor and scholar" who governs as if he's never read it, and I'm NOT referring to Insurance Care or the stimulus bill. I'm beginning to wonder if his "professorship" amounted to being a TA or proctor, handing out test papers and collecting them afterward.

Whatever happened to the truths that are self evident? That are beyond argument.? As plain as the wart on the end of your nose and the pimple on your ass? Barry and Harry... stop acting like jello-mold twins, and stand up for what's right. If you're so worried about going down, go down in a blaze of glory, standing up for what's right and not with your tails between your legs.

Constitutional rights are NOT subject to the whims or will of "the people." When the issue of inter-racial marriage finally made it before the Supreme Court, 72% of people polled were against it. And the court told the nation to grow up. In the same fashion, it doesn't matter who doesn't want a mosque built where. Grow up...Shut up, you oppositional ass-hats. Some rights are unalienable, and this is one of them.

I don't know who this person is, but they sum things up pretty damn well:

h/t Bluegal @ Crooks and Liars

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