Friday, December 12, 2008

A Sequel

The original: Who Killed the Electric Car.

The sequel: Who Killed the Rest of the Cars.

I wonder if the stock market losses will hit four figures today?

Heaven forbid union-member auto workers in Detroit make a living wage. Fuck no; can't raise the non-union/southern auto worker wages. That would destroy the serf class. I told you there would be no help for Auto makers unless it broke the unions.

What they really fear is a repeat of the labor movement in eastern Europe that brought down the Soviet Union, the Iron Curtain and the Soviet Bloc. Oh...? That was Reagan's bluster that did that? Not Lech Walesa? Refuckyoucans FEAR organized labor.

The idea that unions are antiquated, that "we don't need them anymore," that they've "served their purpose...." Get your head out of your ass. In the meantime... AIG...

Isn't giving "bonuses" anymore. No. They call them "retention payments." Un-bonuses to keep their "key people" in place. Those key people who... Ran them into the ground..?

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