Sunday, December 21, 2008

Doofulupugus and the Nights of his Round Table

Rick Warren this, Rick Warren that.

In a lot of ways I really couldn't give a flying fuck about what Dick Warren has to say. Or about what. Or about whom. As to him speaking at Obama's inauguration, I've been thinking I have nothing to say. That I don't have a dog in the fight. I'm straight, so even though I have relatives, friends and neighbors who are gay, why/how, would/should/could I have anything to say about Obama choosing him?

Is there an issue here, and if so, why? What is it?

First things first: Yeah; there's an issue here. Obama's chosen a misguided hate monger here to give the invocation, basically the kick-off prayer, to his presidency. "His?" presidency? ??? This may get into another issue before I intend to do so, but WTF? We've put up with a dipshitulous fake cowboy who's lived and ruled for the last 8 yrs as if the country really fucking was "HIS." We don't need another fucking minute of that shit. But Warren...

They key word in all this is: "Chose." Obama chose him. No one elected him and/or forced him on Obama in any way. This is a totally voluntary action on Obama's part. He therefore represents something that resides in Obama's thought process, his soul if you will. Obama thinks, for some reason, that this guy and his views -- you can't take "him" without his "views" -- are acceptable and deserving to be put on the worldwide stage of the millennium.

So, Why? This was the election about change, and while there's no doubt that we needed things to change, there lots of arguing going on about change from what, to what? Conservatives, of course, always want to look back, go back, remove, restrict... return to the good old days. Apparently they think the 1920s/30s were the good old days, but again, that's another issue. Liberals like to look forward, move forward, reach outward, embrace the new. When we encounter something we don't understand, we try to figure it out; conservatives declare a war on it. back to the question...

One of the big issues, was that McShame was the guy who could reach across the aisle, stand up to his party, etc. So Obama, it seems, is trying to reach out to Warren's followers: Conservative evangelicals. While there's this nonsense going about that these people are enlightened somehow, their spokesperson is someone who puts a man who loves another man on the same level as a man who molests little children. He puts a woman who loves another woman on the same level as a woman who would want to marry her brother. Or her father. In other words,

He's one collosally dumb-assed motherfucker. He hides his intolerance behind a teddy bear persona. These are not even apples and oranges; these issues don't exist in the same dimensional plane.

As I've asked before: Why this fascination with "reaching across the aisle"? What the fuck is over there besides a garbage dump of destructive ideas? ???

We JAIL child molesters. If Warren sees molestation and incest on the same level as gay love, does he also believe gays should be jailed? We may not hear him say so, but in Fucks News, Sean Hannshitty tradition, we need to ask the question.

Even if you look at gayness as a disease, the disease isn't being gay. The disease is the (Judeo)-Christian male homophobia that turns reason into fear and hatred. And it IS male driven. Lesbo-chique; 'nuff said. Now having said all this...

Forget it. None of it is "the" issue in the Warren case.

The issue is:


What are they?


Who gets them?

Rick Warren can run his church any way he sees fit. Just like Ted Haggard can see male hookers and snort meth off their scrotes, Warren can keep gays and anyone else he sees fit, out of his church. He doesn't have to marry them; he doesn't have to acknowledge they exist. In other words, he can live in his dark little corner of his dark little intolerant world and be happy as a mushroom.

And he needs to fucking STAY THERE !!!!

I don't intend to say that ANY church should be forced to marry gay couples, BUT...

There are basic and fundemental rights that heterosexual couples have, but gay couples are denied: Inheritance and other family rights. But the Warren issue goes beyond gay/lesbian rights.

It goes to HUMAN rights. And that's MY dog that's in this fight.

Gay and Lesbian... those words get thrown around like, I don't know... they shouldn't carry any more weight than words like blonde, or brunette when talking about people. They're mere descriptors of traits, and they get used like they summarize a person's totallity. I've done it, I do it, but it's bullshit, and somehow or other, it fucking needs to stop.

They are people. They are human. Just like black people. Just like white people. Just like ALL people.

And they deserve EVERY right that EVERY "other" person in this world deserves.


Speaking (or should I say, rambling?) of a compromise with something to piss off everyone...

I don't know who you should pick in his place, Barack, but you need to dump this pustule of intolerance, and dump him right fucking now.

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