Sunday, December 28, 2008

"B Crew" Sunday...?

First no Bloodlust Billy Kristol on Fucks News Sunday: I was worried he got fired for making sense the past few weeks. Now there's no Snuffulupuloof. Maybe Chris Wallace is a loser with no place to go...?

Sherrod Brown's upset at how the bailout money's being thrown around. Oh yeah, right. Something about how the bill was passed requiring strict oversight. Just wasn't written into it.

Fucking Dems better get their shit in a pile and pronto; they better stop passing toothless bills because theyre afraid of what Dubya and the refucks might say about them. They need to grow a pair, and I don't mean tits. (They don't do Nancy any good. (in relation to doing her job) (running the House) And they didn't help get Palin elected.) If they don't, good bye majorities.

Interview with the new Press Secretary. I'll miss Dana Perino. The "Lying Sack of Cute," as Stephanie Miller calls her. Maybe we'll get some good bikini shots of her as she vacations in the coming years. We got the Hill&Bill bathing suit dance video.

The Roundtable: No George F Will. So who's the designated conservatard? Oh fuck... Caroline Kennedy. Like Bill Ayers, Rev Wright, flag lapel pins... I wish this story would just go away. Fucking 'tards... trying to compare her to Palin. Although... She doesn't seem to be doing to well at differentiating herself from Palin. Other then the fact that she's no "ilf."

I like it without Will. No pontificatious bull shit.

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