Saturday, December 20, 2008

Like Every Broad Compromise...

it really has something in it to upset just about everyone.

so said the talking head to Alex Witt this morning on MSNBC.

And yeah, as a union member having to listen to this fucktardulent fraud -- the Harvard MBA who can't balance a check book -- lay out his demands, I'm pissed. Of course he had to lift his leg put his stamp on it. Let's see:

It started out as a request for $25 bil, then went to $34 bil, then $17 bil, before congress fucked up on giving them $14 bil. Now King-wanna-be Dub the Clueless proposes to give them no, he's giving PAULSON $13.4 bil. And I'm SURE he knows eggzaktly why it should be $.6 bil less than the last proposal. Not .5 less; not .7 less, but punto seis. And lets bow down to the whizdom of giving the money to Panky Hanky; I mean who knows what the auto exec bats would do with it. Fuckers might give it to line workers and not the poor starving investors sitting on their asses chewing their fucking fingernails down past their knuckles waiting and worrying about their dividends.

God damned ungrateful bastards, making more than the scabs down in Alliebammy and Tennesshoe working for peanuts, while their state governments give tax breaks away by the traincarload. What gives those UAW fucks the right to make enough to pay their bills and send their kids to college? Fuckers probably think emergency rooms are too good for them; that they should have a family doctor. And don't get me started on union pensions. If these bastards had just let Dubya privatize their social security so Wall Street brokers could use it to buy mortgages and credit defaults, we wouldn't be having to go through this crash and burn shit to give them their money. Like they have some right to better their lives.

Fuckin serfs.

It's all their god damned fault those underpayed, underbonused penthouse dwellers have to give up their company owned private jets.

Ooooooo...... I see the proposal is $17.4 Billion, now. Four more billion? Brokerage fees? Part of the $200 bil just approved, part of which will go to hedge funds ??? Once they grant concessions... wait... no concessions needed. Hedge funds don't deal with unions.

OK OK Okayyyyy... Call me jaded, cynical, infected by Bush Derangement Syndrome, but come one. This is Bush. He NEVER does anything right or good. After 8 years of non-stop disaster and destruction, he's going to help the country...? That's like thinking a President would be off somewhere singing Happy Birthday and raising cash while a city drowns during a hurricane.

Latest Poll: 29% still approve of the job he does? ??? Where the fuck do they find such clueless assholes? ??? It never seems to go below that number. I swear this motherfucker could squat and shit on the presidential seal on live TV and the number would STILL not move.

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Anonymous said...

I guess there's nothing like getting the workers to work against their own best interests. Down here even labor is anti-union. They are convinced that unions are far more corrupt than business. No scratch that. They think it's okay for business to be corrupt in the name of making profit.