Friday, December 12, 2008

You Just Can't Redefine Horseshit

and turn it into ice cream.

There is one fact, and one fact only, that you need to know when considering why the refucks scuttled the auto industry aid package: The refuckyoucans want to redistribute restrict deny wealth.

They can talk all they want about leveling the playing field, equalization, competitiveness, but what THEY mean when they say those things, is not what liberals, ie sensible people mean. They want to invite/allow foreign companies to come to this country and redefine OUR wage standards to align with theirs. For all of the Hannities and O'Reillies and Dobbses ranting and railing against Obama and progressive democrats trying to Europeanize and socialize this country, THEY want to allow the foreign automakers' business practices to become ours.

Although this only.... ONLY applies to wages.

Our workers will not get healthcare.

Our workers' children will not receive free (college) education.

Our retired workers will not receive a pension.


Our workers will not be allowed to bargain collectively.

A rising tide lifts all boats? Yeah maybe in the ocean, or as an election slogan, but in real peoples' working lives..? The idea is to LOWER all boats to the lowest level possible.

Heaven forbid the foreign automakers in the south be pushed to raise wages or benefits. That sends wealth in the wrong direction. Since Reagan, the Republican party has been ALL about fucking the little people. Hence, they are refuckyoucans. Reagan, Bush Sr and this last little fucktard faker, have been ALL about redistributing wealth. They want it to go UP the food chain. And I shall include the fact that Bill Clinton did very little, if anything, to slow the flow.

Saving the automakers, sends money in the wrong direction. Down. To workers. To little people. If we starve, refucks don't care. As long as they get more in the process.

What REALLY broke this deal was the UAW's demand/request/desire that ALL employees at ALL levels come to the table to have their wages and benefits renegotiated. That would have meant execs losing out: No golden parachutes and bonuses for being total douchebag managers. That would have meant investors losing out (possibly): No dividends.

Don't kid yourself. This IS class warfare.

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Anonymous said...

Well, for a second there, I thought you'd come up with the next big thing - repurposed horseshit!

But sadly, you are so right. This is about finishing what Reagan started. Killing the unions and depressing American workers' wages.