Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Sun Just Rose in the West

Billy Blood-luster Kristol, just "defended" the auto makers and working "little people," wondering why they get grilled for asking for $34 billion* when the ban-sure-vest companies^ get their billions without a peep. Charles Scrotehammer -- doesn't he look like the bad guy in "the Mask?" When the bad guy wears the mask? ???-- leads the rest in spewing the usual refuck/conservative/Fox points of letting them go bankrupt.

* $34 Billion? They "compromised" by giving lending them $17 billion, amounting to parents buying their kids one shoe rather than a pair.

^ There are no such things as banks, insurance companies or investment brokerage houses anymore. Deregulation has blurred/erased the lines between them for the sake of efficiency. Plus we all know that business can regulate itself, right?

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