Saturday, December 6, 2008

Putting "Forbes" in the Title.... w/ UPDATE

Doesn't take the "tard" out of Foxtard.

The 'tards of "Forbes on Fox" think that tax cuts create jobs. Come on.... stop laughing. or are you crying...?

If that were true, then these record job losses this past year are due to...? ???

Seven years and ten months of living on borrowed home equity buying shit made in China and these fuckers want more of the same smoke and mirrors?

And what's with the squinty broad? ??? Ditch the Palin glasses.

Oh fuck. Now THERE's a way to sell your bull shit as believable: Spout off while you show lingerie models clumping around like crippled three legged horses on the other half of your split screen.

Next week, "Nailin Palin?"

UPDATE: I think I may have figured out why the idiot broad squints so much: It's from the smell of her bullshit when she lies.

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