Sunday, December 14, 2008

Do Parallel Universes Exist?

Or did someone kidnap Blood-lust Billy?

This is the second week in a row that he seems to defend the workers who are getting refucked up the ass -- they made major concessions during the negotiations over the Chrysler loan guarantees, only to NOT see their efforts reciprocated by management, who got their raises and bonuses -- in the fight over loans to the automakers. Billy says that labor only accounts for 20% of the cost of making a car, so the proposed refuckyoucan fuckover of the UAW would only save about 2% per car.

His history of being wrong with virtually every fucking statement -- there's the possibility he could have been right about something, somewhere, sometime -- he ever made about Iraq, leaves me a bit skeptical regarding the content and intent of his statements. Sorry.

Thank Geeawwduh that John McShame can set us straight by reassuring us all that if we just outlaw earmarks and stop pork barrel spending, that all problems will be solved. They're the reason Boigobitch is so corrupt as well. Right; he's an alter boy at heart.

George F Will must just HATE it when Paul Krugman gets invited on by Steffulupugous. Krugman just shuts him up through being correct and sensible. He has to chew on his own tail by objecting to Bush ignoring Congress and the rule law (8 yrs too late) by possibly grabbing money that "should" go to the ban-sur-vest companies. Without questions being asked, no doubt.

Finally, FINALLY... thank you Gwen Ifill, for talking about unemployment in its real, correct terms: As those people who are not employed, and not merely as those who are collecting unemployment checks. Ten Million according to her -- up by three million from year ago -- have been unemployed for so long that they've given up looking. Yeah Baby. Kepp those unemployment number low: Do away with unemployment payments... out... to people.

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