Sunday, November 30, 2008

And Foxtards Don't Count

Listening to the news from India, was there anyone out there who seriously thought:

Thank God Dubya had the foresight and courage to invade Iraq.
Other wise that could have been us.



Dale said...

Foxtards....I like that word. Good one.

On a related note, hasn't dubya made it his whole mission the last 8 years to fight terrorrism, and keep it away from Americans? Then when the shit hits the fan all over India, and Americans are being picked out, where is he? On vacation?

Anonymous said...

Ah, jeez. Why does that not surprise me?

Chris in Seattle said...

He may not know how to balance a check book or budget, run a business or a baseball team, or strike oil in Texas, but he sure does know how to fuck off.

Any bets that he pisses in corners in the White House? I know I was so drunk once that I almost pissed in my dresser drawer.