Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Ted Stevens is, for now, a convicted felon.

Ted Stevens cannot vote. Not for president. Not to put himself back in the Senate. But,

Should he be elected to the Senate

He'll be able to vote bills into laws that all we law abiding, non-felons will have to obey.

Besides Refuckyoucans, to whom does this make sense? ???

Another question:

Should the Senate attempt to remove him, would he resist in Bush-like, Palin-like, Rove-like, Miers-like, oh hell, refuckyoucan fashion: Subpoena, schumoena. Laws are for little people.

Just asking.


s. douglas said...

What are these "Laws" to which you refer?

I'm unfamiliar with the language of the Commoner.

Chris in Seattle said...

Good points.