Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hannity & O'Reilly do Cartwheels. w/Update

Hmmmm... sitting up channel surfing and sniffling from my cold last night, I catch a story on Faux News about how a voter registration drive in Ohio got the rules wrong and now 18 voters have cast votes when they were ineligible.

Did the college network catch actual voter fraud in Ohio?

Wanna bet the emphasis stays on democrats? That the story gets spun as a "broken system" and not a "working system" or people answerring to the call from their conscience? Even though people are withdrawing their votes and registrations and:

UPDATE 6:49 pm– apparently not just a problem in Senator Obama’s campaign, check out this (taken from the NY Post dated Oct. 22)…a Senator McCain Ohio communications director:

“…The talks came in the wake of reports that workers in both camps - including McCain’s Ohio communications director, Ryan Meerstein, and Obama campaign worker Jacob Smith - had registered and cast ballots in the Buckeye State, even though they both maintain permanent residence elsewhere. …”

People.... this is Fox.... Ann Coulter's network: "We good; Them bad."

Fuck... The last time we had to make the Cowshit vs Bullshit choice (otherwise known as Gregoire vs Rossi I), we had crazies up here casting votes for dead spouses and kids off at college and shit like that, but was it "voter fraud?" As in some conspiracy to destroy the thread (and that's about all the past 8 years have left us) of democracy? No. It was a bunch of crazy fuckers being douchenozzles and justifying their douchebaggery with bullshitious excuses. This shit doesn't worry me nearly as much as hackable voting machines running on secret code, that can't be impartially reviewed, tabulating votes, that can't be verified.

You know, a dictatorship would solve all these problems.

I'm still not sure this election's actually going to happen.

UPDATE: The problem I see with this issue of challenging voter registration, is that it turns the principles of justice on their heads. What happened to words like: Alleged? Why is it assumed to always be "fraud" which (to me) implies a willful desire to circumvent the law? And why when challenged, is it the VOTER'S responsibility to prove their innocence? ???

If I were challenged: In Florida's purge before 2000, I would have been thrown off, because there are enough letter in the first part of my name, under the standards they used, as shown in Greg Palast's book The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, that match some criminal they had in their lists. Under the rules that were proposed in Ohio, comparing to other databases, or states where voters are required to produce ID with exact matches, I would be rejected because my Driver's License does not include my middle initial like my voter registration does. And my SS card says on it, "Not to be used for Identification," (yes, it's my original OLD one) so could I use that?

By the Fucks at Fox I would be a fraud. But as I said, the worst of all of this is that I have to prove my innocence, rather than the refucks proving my guilt. They want to keep calling on the Founding Fathers, while spitting and shitting on their graves with this stuff.

Fuck them.


Distributorcap said...

let the games begin -- we are only getting started

Anonymous said...

These guys are so ridiculous. Voter fraud is a tiny fraction of awful compared to voter suppression, but you don't hear them mention suppression at all.

Chris in Seattle said...

I wonder if this is going to go the way of the chick with the "B" on her face, ie a fraud about fraud..? Fox and facts shouldn't ever be used in the same sentence.

If Refucks had their way, only property and business owners would vote. See Michigan where voters with foreclosed homes as addresses are being challenged.