Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Nominee for Best Person in the World is...

Democratic Representative Pete Stark of California. Why? After the Republicunts failed to come to their senses in sufficient numbers to over ride Dubya's veto of S-Chip, Stark slammed them for funding a war with money that doesn't exist, and sending kids to Iraq to get killed for the Preznit's amusement.

Shortly after this, house minority leader John Boner, demanded Stark apologize. In a "Fuck You" to Boner, Stark said he has no respect for either the commander-in-chief or the Chickenhawks in Congress who vote to deny kids health care.

So sue me if the quotes aren't accurate; this is getting a lot of play on the Teevee and I'm sure will be on the tubes by morning. The thing is, I hope Stark stands by his words, as he has so far. I agree with him whole-heartedly: I DO believe the Iraq war is a source of amusement for Dubya. I've referred to it as Bush's Little Weenie War, as in the thought of it gave him a stiffy.

Fuck everyone who thinks Petey crossed some line with his statements. You Go Guy. Give 'em hell.

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