Saturday, November 3, 2007

Some Further Reading for the Sixth Grade Fucks Among You

I like this little gem:

In testimony declassified at The Sun's request, (Richard) Stolz (then-deputy director for operations) confirmed that the CIA trained Hondurans.

"The course consisted of three weeks of classroom instruction followed by two weeks of practical exercises, which included the questioning of actual prisoners by the students.

"Physical abuse or other degrading treatment was rejected, not only because it is wrong, but because it has historically proven to be ineffective," he said.

And there are others just as good.

This comes from an article in the Baltimore Sun from back on January 27, 1997. (h/t to the Rude Pundit)

Also talked about in this article:

the use of sensory deprivation, which we know very well was used on Jose Padilla -- whose case I believe was presided over by Mukasey. I remember seeing pics of Padilla all trussed up, blindfolded and wearing ear muffs while on his way to the dentist.

the 1963 KUBARK manual, "which shows that, at least during the 1960s, agents were free to use coercion during interrogation, provided they obtained approval in advance.

It offers a list of interrogation techniques, including threats, fear, "debility, pain, heightened suggestibility and hypnosis, narcosis [use of drugs] and induced regression." "

I wonder why McCain and Lindsey Graham stamp their feet but fold in the end whenever talk of torture comes up... they knew that while we were bitching about the VC and North Vietnamese torturing our guys, our guys were torturing their guys.

When someone wants to lay claim to some moral high ground, they better make sure that when they bend over, their ass is wiped and their panties are clean.


Dr. Zaius said...

That last paragraph sounds like a come on...

Anonymous said...

The pros - especially the ones from WW II - were pretty clear that effective interrogation is a mind game. Torture - gets a person to say what they think you want to hear.
You were asking JP what Iraq was about. There are too many answers to that, but I've saved a few on my blogroll under 'Intel'.
Here's one