Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obama's Losing It

I know. "Duh!!!" you say.

He thinks he's getting the message. Unfortunately it's the wrong one. That the way out of the mess Bush and his enablers did is to continue to follow his policies: Tax Cuts to create jobs.

WHO.... Who in their right fucking mind hires someone because of a tax cut? People get hired because there is work to do. As long as companies get tax breaks for moving their work to China there will be no jobs.

Obama's leaked announcement of a spending freeze, means one thing to me: No money for us, the little people, working class. More of the same old trickle down pissing on our heads the refuckyoucans love so much. I don't understand the perceived PR benefit to the leak. Spread the loss in popularity over a few days,? So the drop after the SOTU won't be as bad?

I never liked him. Not since he committed treason by supporting FISA.

I still don't.

He's proving me right day after day.

He's a phony.

CHANGE.... yeah turn the Democratic party into the new refuckyoucans.

Brace yourselves folks.... Barack's bringing the refuckyoucans back.

I'm voting third party. I've fucking had it.

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