Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Hate it when Refuckyoucans are Right

Although even when they stumble and fall and manage to find their ass, they drop the flashlight. Put another way, they're right for all the wrong reasons.

In 44 minutes the pools in Massachusetts will close. We'll no for sure who will be the next senator. The Irish money is on the conservatard. If he wins, I'm not so sure it's a bad thing. Unlike Ed Schultz, I think it might be the best chance at getting through to Obama, that we'll have, and keep his compromising, sorry ass from getting booted in 2012.

I know that when I get up and turn on the Scar and his trained seal Mika B at 5 am tomorrow, I'll hear him pontificate -- while Mika subserviently nods along -- about how this election is a referendum on Obama and his policies. He's right; it is. I think. On the other hand, he'll do what he does so often and totally miss the point -- if he indeed even aims for it -- while proclaiming that Obama's too radical and too far to the left and too partisan and how he has to get back to the center, and how he needs to concentrate on jobs, jobs, jobs... What can I say. He's a pundit, not a journalist, and he's paid by a corporation to do their bidding, so he isn't ethically bound to be honest or objective.

This health care bill is CRAP. Even the good things in it, don't kick in til years down the road. The back room deals with pharma and Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu absolutely stink of corruption. The fines placed on employers who provide insurance that's good are dehumanizing. No more denials based on pre-existing conditions, just denials from overpricing when they find out you have one. No more life time caps on services, just yearly caps. Change? Stop jerking my weenie. He and his cronies, Rham and the Baucus Caucus, took something that could have been simple and they made it so complicated it makes the Gordian knot look like a half hitch.

So any way.... What happens if we lose this seat? We lose "our 60 seat, filibuster proof majority." No we don't. We never had one. It's been a myth. Lieberman's a refuckyoucan by any sensible measure and Nelson and the other blue dogs, are showing their true colors as well. The flip side of Dems not having 60 seats is that the assholes on the other side don't have 60 either. So.... no matter what sort of shitheadulousness this guy espouses, none of it will come to pass. Unless the dems roll over and allow it. You know, like they did with FISA. And Iraq. And tax cuts. and...

Obama's greatest fault as I've seen it has been his Quixotic pursuit of the mythical bipartisanship. The refucks simply have NO interest in dealing with the dems. Obama needs to pull his head out of his ass and acknowledge this FACT. He needs to realize that the people who elected him did not want him snuggling up with corporations. We want him reigning them in, kicking their asses. we want him to be a diplomat with other countries, and a hard ass here at home.

5 minutes....

The dems will have ONE year grace to get their shit in a pile. To win (back) our trust. As it now stands, I am NOT voting for Patty Murray. She lost my vote when she helped kill the Dorgan amendment which would have saved us BILLIONS through lower prices on prescription drugs. I'm sure she was falling in line with Obama's wishes, but the vote was wrong. I don't know how she's going to undo that, but...? I'm sure I'm not the only disaffected liberal democrat with such a story. Obviously; look at Mass; and ignore Scar's analysis.

One year from now, if nothing has changed, there will be a MASSIVE bloodbath at election time.

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