Sunday, August 26, 2007

Another Act of Thievery

Stolen from DCup, who I think stole it from Blondesense.

For my whole life, I've always heard the "it can't happen here," shit, and for the most part, believed it. That's changed. Not with this post/video, but with the den of thieves in the White House, their partners in crime in Congress and their enablers at the polls. When I look at the path toward wholesale destruction on which they've put this country, I feel empty. Like D says in her comments, "I've quit asking, 'Can it get worse?' " With this outfit in charge, I know it will never get better, no matter what the issue is at hand.

I just wonder, Can I buy a banana clip for my semi-auto .243?


Anonymous said...

Hey, Chris. Great post about the mess we're in.

Thanks for the link.

Chris in Seattle said...

Thank you and you're welcome, Dear.