Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I Need a New Team

It was bad when Edgar Martinez gave Dubya an autographed bat, but maybe he thought Dub would hit himself with it. It was bad that we had to put up with Spencer Hawes with his SUV and his "God bless George Bush" bumper sticker, but he's just a dumb kid. Now last night we had Mack Strong and Matt Hasselback presenting Dub with a Seahawk jersey with his name on the back. Smooth move guys.

Honor an idiot that sends people, instead of dogs, to die for his profit and entertainment. Another example of why dumb jocks should never be roll models for kids.


Unknown said...

You could have Curt Schilling on the Mariners. That would complete an evil trifecta.

Chris in Seattle said...

So what did curt do/say? Besides piss off Randy Johnson.