Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fear and (self)Loathing in Conservativania

Watching Keith O just a bit ago, and I had to crack up at one of his titles: Electile Dysfunction. Of course the story was about the latest Repug sex scandal star: Idaho Senator Larry the Lav Troller Craig, who isn't gay and regrets pleading guilty to wanting sex from another man (which would be gay). Never mind the details.

I can understand being gay and whether it's by choice or destiny isn't important to me. I can understand a gay person feeling they need to stay in the closet and I think it's rude to out someone who feels that way. I can understand a gay person working in an environment that is basically anti-gay with anti-gay people being anti-gay. What I can't understand is a gay person being anti-gay. That's self-loathing. More than being cannibalistic, it's like eating yourself while you're still alive, and there's no way in hell I think I'll ever be able to understand that. I can understand being ashamed or confused. Hell I'm ashamed of my weight and my non-white teeth , but I don't Hate myself -- or other people -- for either.

With that in mind, I can understand a gay person being conservative; fiscally, maybe even socially in some respects, but things are getting grey now. Since the repugnican party is supposedly this country's conservative party, I guess a gay conservative would be member of the repugs, but since the repugs are also the anti-gay party just how repug can a gay repug be? Apparently -- Foley, Craig, Huffington... -- VERY Repug indeed. I'm not a shrink, but when I think about the shit these guys have done, I both hate and pity them. They must be seriously fucked up in the head.

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