Monday, March 10, 2008

Spitz er Swallows?

OK, OK..... Some dems like hot over priced chicks too. When they're hot there's always a price, right? Might be dinner, might be wearing a diaper, but there will be something you gotta do/pay.

And just think what we might not have known if we'd had to ask/wait for a warrant.

One more reason to grant telecoms retro immunity. In all seriousness....

DUDE... you're governor. The line may not be quite as long, but there WILL be plenty of chicks who will fuck you when your term is done. Patience Grasshopper.

Fucking moron.


Anonymous said...

moronic on SO many levels.

it is kinda fun watching the right-wing punditry get all up in arms over this, in complete juxtaposition to their reactions to people like....say, Vitter.

somebody in new york, perhaps at the congressional level, should get a bill going that stipulates that if Spitzer resigns, Vitter has to, too.

in the meantime, let this be a lesson to other democratic leaders. now is the time to keep it zipped the fuck up, people.

Chris in Seattle said...

I got to agree with Both of you: He definitely is a complete moron, and it does suck that he is forced to resign while nimrods like Vitter and Larry Craig stay on.