Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Twist on Pleading the 5th

So many reminders have popped up today telling me that today is the 5th "anniversary" of the start of the greatest political/military blunder ever made by the US, more commonly known as Bush's Folly or Bush War II. I can't think of words that adequately describe my feeling toward the whole endeavor: Disgust, disdain, anger, frustration... It's such a despicable, grotesque twisting of logic and any good intention or trait one could possibly ascribe to humanity. Any alien race watching us must be shaking their heads (if they have heads) while they struggle to obey their own prime directive.

Rachel Maddow brought up the looting of the Baghdad Museum, and how it was largely made possible by Bremer's firing of all the public/civil servants, police and military. I've mentioned before that in the Neocon Refuckyoucan paradise, there are NO public servants, services, etc. ALL is privatized. What Bremer gave us, and what Iraq is, is just that: The Reagan/Bush/Refuckyoucan supply side paradise. We liberals think it's not working. We keep looking/hoping for a solution.

But no solution is needed. Bremer was given carte fucking blanche to institute the "reforms" that Jay Garner... was too cowardly to do?

It's working just as all those PNAC asswipes intended all along.

Keep that in mind all ye who consider voting for McInsane and the rest of them. Think of Spanish Inquisitional Feudalism, but with computers.


Chris in Seattle said...

Talk about diplomatic tones... Love yours too.

mark hoback said...

It's all been a smashing success.