Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So... Ms Hilly-Jo Lieber-Clint

You endorse John McCain over Barack Obama?

You bring a life of experience; He brings a life of experience; Barck brings a speech..? So in other words: If I don't get the nomination, no one does. Your experience:

At some point in time you fucked the man who was Governor of Arkansas.

At some point in time you fucked this same man who became President of the United States. From what I've read, while this man was president, you slept together in the same bed in the white house.

THAT and a term as senator is your experience. Don't try to bullshit me otherwise.

I'm done with you, bitch. So fucking done. Done to the point where, if you do get nominated, I won't be darkening my ballot circle with pen or pencil. Or blood. oh but it'll be bodily. hint hint.

So what's got me pissed off this time...?

"It's 3 AM and the phone's ringing" First off.....

That phone rings and there's a SHIT LOAD of dip shits answering and recording and analyzing and doing everything but letting whoever's Preznit talk. That got established with Raygun if not before. Hill/Barack/whoever isn't going to even know a call was received until longgggg after the caller's hung up. So we start from irrelevancy, and go where?

Somehow the call puts YOUR kids in mortal danger, and ONLY the answerer can save them. Yeah right. What the add really says -- Are you that fucking stupid that you think anyone with half a brain would think it says anything else...? -- is THIS:

Elect Hillary or your kids will die if the white house Bat Phone rings.

We need more proof that hilly is anything other than what I've said? A good old boy, same-ol-same-ol but in panties? That's right out of the refuckyoucan playbook. End of story.

Granted, it takes a bit of arrogance to believe that you have what it takes to run this country. It's inherent. But when that arrogance goes over into expectation, and a sense of entitlement, well... NO.

I listen to self confessed "good people" talk about the life they deserve. How they should have a house, and.... Nope. Can't buy it, can't have it. Goodness has nothing to do with it. Get a better job. and no, I haven't become a republican.

I'm actually waiting for Hillary to snap. I know she was "the woman behind the man" for ... how many years experience does she have? For all the fuck I know she could have actually been the gov/prez for all those years. Fine and dandy, and all the more fucked up. No way she can come out and say that. But I think her ego demands that in some way at some point she will. And there is NO good time to do so.

Bummer that it ain't 2000 or 2004. I could have voted for her then. But she's talked too much.


Jess Wundrun said...

couldn't agree with you more. You know what would be funny? If Barack Obama ran an ad of a guy having open heart surgery and the surgeon's wife (or husband-not to be sexist) shows up to do the surgery.

"Hey" (s)he'll say "I woke up next to the surgeon at 3 am this morning. I'm totally qualified to operate on your heart."

s. douglas said...

It's never 3 am in Obamaland, so Hillary's ad makes no sense.

Obama is constantly surrounded by Rainbows, and everyone knows you can't see Rainbows in the dark, unless you're Ronnie James Dio.