Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Things are squirrelly, once again. Oh hell, in whose life are things NOT squirrelly these days with Dubster and the Refuckyoucans on top of the economic disaster they've enabled. Just gives you the warm and fuzzies when he says he's not going to do anything to endanger the long term health of the economy. Right. Like having scalding beer foam pumped up your ass.

Gotta move and sell the house, since Mummsy-in-law is gone, which means looking for a new place. Hate moving. Especially out of what's likely the nicest house in which I'll ever live. Really sucks dead donkey dick. I'll have to figure out how to post some pics of the view we have here. Fucking gorgeous. Trying to see the bright side: We can get The Republican paid off and send him packing to someplace like Mississippi where he'll be more at home. Maybe get a few months of life free from Ms Thing too. The wife'll miss the grandmonster, but while his mom is feeding him frozen PB&J sandwiches, the pups'll get to sleep with both eyes closed.

Oh and then there's March Madness. Firestarter isn't too impressed by our tradition, but I damn near live for it. Especially the first two days and the upsets. I fell in love with the whole shebang back when Gonzaga knocked off Stanford and made it to the round of eight. FS likes it too; check the link and you'll see he filled out his bracket. When I get mine filled out, I'll try to post it too. I ran out of chicken blood and insence, so I'm not done yet.

The end result of all this is that I won't be posting very consistently. Not that I ever did. Unless all my picks get bounced in the first round. Maybe I shouldn't pick anyone. Fuck it.



Hell of a speech today. I only heard blurbs, and missed the Fucks News BS, so I'm not sure just how awesome it really was. The more O'Lielly and Vannity hate it, the better it is. Thing is, that when Hills open her mouth I usually hate her more than I did before. When Barack opens his mouth, I actually feel more comfortable with the though of him as President. The guy really seems to think. Novel idea in this day and age of polls and focus groups. Someone called in to Big Ed today and said something about Barack having answered the 3 AM phone call with this speech. Good analogy.

Summbitch is so cool, I'd bet he pisses ice water. Shit gets thrown at him and he just does not get rattled. What impressed me the most was his talking about his Mom, and how she voiced her fears of black men looking at her on the street and her occasional racist remark. This woman raised him, and he doesn't denounce her or distance himself from her. Even though he does not embrace her fears or remarks, he acknowledges that she is a part of him.

He's learned from his life's experiences.

Experiences that the sheltered and privileged don't have.

Deny, denounce, repudiate and distance yourself from everyone and everything you (or your focus groups) find offensive and pretty soon you're a one person leper colony. My wife voted for Dino Rossi. My Mom and sister voted for Dubya at least once each. There's more to those people than just those instances, just as I'm sure there's more to Barack's former pastor than the sound bites leaked by Fucks Noise and friends.

Barack is hoping that we understand that.

Maybe next time Hillary gives her tantrumish endorsement of McInsane, she'll include this speech along with his one from 2002. ya think?


Dale said...

Chris, I must disagree with you on one point. You said Obama doesn't get rattled. You are right and wrong. When he is giving a speech that was written, and is being scrolled across a teleprompter in front of him, he doesn't get rattled. When he is asked a question (in a debate, etc.) and has to think for himself, he is like a lost little puppy looking for his owner to tell him what to do.

He is awesome at giving speeches. That's about it.

And if you think about it, as far as his pastor goes, he has "denounced" his comments over and over again, but has he once answered whether or not some of his opinions coincide with the opinions of this pastor? No, he has danced around the subject.

Chris in Seattle said...

Denunciation is tantamount to saying one disagrees.

Dale said...

Not necessarily. It means he has admitted the comments are bad, hatefule, unpatriotic, etc. Doesn't mean he disagrees with them. Do you honestly think Obama has had this man as a "spiritual advisor" for 20 years, but disagrees with his beliefs? That would make no sense. He has attended the church for 20 years, has this guy as his spiritual advisor, considers him family, but we are suppose to believe that he doesn't share the same beliefs?

Not like it matters now anyway, a member of the Rothschild family has claimed his support for McCain. That nails it.

Chris in Seattle said...

I've gone to churches where I didn't agree with everything that was said. I've been friends, GOOD friends, with people I had very fundamental disagreements with.

I invited a guy from Tennessee, a guy I worked for, a guy who was a racist, to my wedding. Doesn't mean I agreed with his racism; I didn't. I thought he might take my head off one night when I asked if he celebrated Hitler's Birthday.

This whole Obama/preacher crap is just that: CRAP!

Dale said...

Okay, disagreeing with someone is one thing. Letting them spiritually guide you for 20 fucking years is another thing.

I do agree though, it is crap. We complain until we are blue in the face that we want "them" to keep church and state separate. Then we bitch about a politicians religious views. There are two problems here:
1. Obama's religioun should not come into play.
2. Rev. Wright shouldn't be discussing politics in church.

Didn't the Constitution say something about "no religious test..."?

Chris in Seattle said...

Separation of Church and State. Bingo. You answer most of your own questions.