Thursday, March 6, 2008

Visualise Whirled Others

For some fucking reason, and I can't figure out why (so call me stupid; least I'm not evil/republican) I've gotten a lot of hits from here. Well, investigating, I took a look at the little widget that tracks the hits to his tags. Pretty cool. The top tags are:

(from BOLDEST to least, or from MOST hit to least)

BUSH real surfuckingprise there

Evil and Republicans seem to be tied; unfortunately not to a concrete anchor.

Oh fuck, I forgot Stupidity, tied with the last two. Fancy that. Ooooweee.

and.... Nonsense. Now what the fuck would Nonsense have to do with Dumbass Evil Republican followers of Bush, eh?


Anonymous said...

too funny.

that far back in my archives predates when i started keeping the images locally, so maybe they think 'the great endarkenment' is responsible for the lack of images? hell, i dunno. i'm reachin'.

conversely, i'm still trying to figure out why people are going directly to page 142 recently. that one boggles, unless it's an image hit on the BAT badge or the one other graphic left on the page.

btw, those aren't hits to the tags, those are trends of my usage of the tags. nevertheless, indeed, Stupid Evil Bush Republicans are full of Nonsense. damn, i spend WAY too much time on the obvious, don't i?!?

serves me right, i guess, having been one myself, long ago, once upon a what-was-i-drinking...


Chris in Seattle said...

hhhhh what? Seriously Dude. You either know one HELL of a lot more about
life in the tubes than I do, or you're a fantabulous bullshit artist. BAT?
Hits to tags versus trends of usage of tags? ??? ????? I honestly have no
fucking clue what you mean.

Another episode of live wine blogging.

Anonymous said...


wine, beer, rum, whassadiffrence?

BAT = blogswarm against theocracy.

the tag thing actually only tracks how much i use each tag as the author, not how many people visit the site by searching on those keywords.

regardless, i'm happy to send people your way. i very much enjoy having the Great Endarkenment in my daily feeder!