Saturday, March 1, 2008

$4 Gas and a Deer in the Headlights

A lot's been made about Dubya's news conference, so much in fact that it seems almost ludicrous to think that there's anything more to add. Maybe it is, but what the fuck; here goes anyway.

First off, if anyone in the world still believes that anything truly news worthy ever get released at one of these little shindigs... New should be true, shouldn't it? You'll certainly never hear anything that's true ever pass through Dubya's lips. He lies...

it's what he does.. it's all he does... and he absolutely will... not... stop! !!!

No one's told him about gas hitting $4/gallon, yet 5 minutes later, there was something else he had to deny knowledge of, and to do so he used the excuse that he was concerned about oil and gas prices.

That's the one that everyone seems to be harping on, but from the angle that he's so embarrassingly stupid, that he can't keep track of the lies he's telling. It's NOT stupidity. Nor is it merely his being out of touch. It's not as DCup describes her parenting style, "benign neglect."

This is Malevolent Neglect.

This mother fucker truly DOES NOT CARE. He would just as soon the entire fucking country go away this next November, except of course for his cronies and ass kissers, leaving him right where he is. Right atop the shit heap he's made of the greatest country in the world.

There's no recession on the way. Cuzz he says so? Yeah, right. My ass. JP does a much better job than I can, deconstructing Dub's latest fuckover, his rubber-chicken-in-every-pot stimulus package. Why not some public works? Why not some jobs doing things to improve the country and lay the ground work for a truly improved economy? Yeah, why not..?

Cuzz true improvements don't fit his Malevolent Neglect gubnin style.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for the link. And you are dead on. Bush does not give a fuck about us.

His public are his donors and whomever Dick says it it.