Monday, March 3, 2008

Vacationgate Anyone?

Four Fucking Hundred and Fifty Fucking two days of Vacation? ??? ????? For the supposed leader of the free world? (since we've so arrogantly proclaimed our country)

"The American people need to understand..." Yeah right... The life and death struggle we're in. The war for the ages. The battle for mankind.

I need to go cut some weeds in front of the cameras.

"I truly am not that concerned about him."

Makes me wonder if he's ever NOT been on vacation. Fucking douche bag for the ages. So...

seven years and three months is kinda like 2705 days. Hmmm... divided by 4fucking5fucking2 is about 5.9845... help me Dubya, where'm i Goin?

A vacation day for just barely fucking under SIX days of work. That's like 365/6 = 60.9909...

Five fucking weeks per year. But what the fuck does he do to earn it?

The best government is the least government...? He definitely has the least part down. Not surprising for the town world drunk.

He won't talk to any world leader who doesn't agree with him going in.

If there's a problem, he appoints a "Czar" to deal with it.

OOOooohhhhhh... he made that impromptu visit to Iraq to carry the plastic turkey around. How fucking silly of me to forget that.

This motherfucker has done nothing but try to act like the actor who acted like he was preznit. Got that?

He should drown in his own shit, just like a yeast cell.


billie said...

geez- and i can't even get a day off from my conscience. i won't get started.

Distributorcap said...

while he is drowning in his own shit can he take cheney, laura, jenna, not-jenna, condi, mccain, mcconnell, and a whole host of other "joyous" folks