Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merrrrrrry Christmas

That took a lot. No "X-mas." No "effin'" or "fuckin'" in the middle. I must be firmly entrenched in the spirit, eh? Singing the Twelve Days errr, Twelve Snows of Christmas? Well not exactly.

Dick "cuzz he is one" Warren, is plastered all over the teevee this morning talking about the true meaning of Christmas. Just what would that be Dick? The spirit of giving? Sure, just as long as we don't give out rights. Better that we take them from a, shall we say, "less than universally accepted social group," and thereby set the precedent for taking rights from other groups.

I don't think I really hit the point I was trying to make last Sunday: Obama's contemptible endorsement of Warren's gangrenous, pustulous views on (gays,) (marriage and) human rights.

Conservatard refuckyoucans love to talk about slippery slopes, while asking, "Where do you draw the line?" Their slippery slope is something like: If we allow gays and lesbians to marry, we'll have incestuous and pedophilial marriage and people marrying their pets.

Right. And Donald Duck registered and voted.

No. The true slippery slope is this one: If we can deny (take away) gay people the "right" to a church wedding, then we can deny (take away) their right to the civil contract of marriage. And if we can deny (take away) their right to that contract, then we can deny (take away) their rights to other contracts as well: Inheritence? Obviously. Adoption? Way double obviously. Home ownership? Business partnerships? And if we can deny those rights...

Apartheid anyone?

THAT is the slippery slope.

As I was slipping and sliding around on my way to work the other day, I was listening to an ongoing debate guest hosted by Frangela, on the Stephanie Miller Show. The topic was Obama's choice of Warren as invocationator at his inauguration and whether or not protesting at the event would be disrespectful to Obama, his election and/or the office of the presidency. Although it was pretty much a given that there would be protests, opinions were mixed asto whether there should be. Opinions were also mixed as to whether this would be disrespectful.

My opinion? Yes, of course I have one. Duhhh. Fuck all that.

Disrespect is not the issue. That train left the station when Obama chose Warren and he increased its speed when he defended that choice. Protests MUST happen. It's a matter of principal on several levels, but on this one in particular: We as democrats must not become what we've railed against for the past 8 years. We must NOT become the same rubber stamping water carrying morons we've witnessed approving all things Bushian.

One promise I make here and now:

I will NOT give my approval to Obama, when he fucks up.
I will bitch.
Hard and Loud.

I have no sense of blind loyalty to Obama. Remember he was down on my list from the get go. And when he committed treason voting for the FISA give away, I said so. So...

To paraphrase (I believe it was) Thomas Jefferson: When a government of the people, no longer represents the people, it is the duty of the people to oppose/overthrow that government.

If nothng else, when Warren stands and addresses the crowd, the crowd should turn their backs to him.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that the crowd should turn their backs on Warren. There is no need to tolerate his bigotry.